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    Thanks AZ.

    I might have to go over there today and take a closer look at that space with the Goldmop. I'm afraid that if anything grows taller to the roof-line, then it might come out too wide and start hanging over the driveway.

    I like the hanging basket idea. I'll have to do another image with those in there to see what it looks like.

    My wife also mentioned that it was lacking some color and if rock-beds are re-installed, then I might show the HO all my rock samples to help add a little different color besides the standard river-rock.

    I was thinking of some barberries and spireas in front instead of the boxwoods, but I was also looking to keep it filled in during the Winter months.

    Thanks. Thumbs Up
  2. White Gardens

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    Current design, a few changes on suggestion from AZ.


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    That computer program is nice! If I were still doing design I would have to get one.

    Try and loose the center hanging baskets so there are just two at each bay, can you put them on lower chains so they are not so high? I would also try some window box's on the railing in lieu of the hanging baskets to see if that looks better.

    I might also just do away with that narrow strip of lawn, just make the rock bed bigger and give those junipers some room to spread. and maybe bring a brick walkway out to the street from the front door with a slight bend, not a runway.

    Have we blown the budget yet??? I have more.

    If I keep looking at these things you will be sorry you asked. And so will my wife :laugh:
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    :laugh::laugh: Budget, ya probably blown. I haven't figured out what that is exactly is though, but, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's not going to be an un-limited budget, and probably just make it look good type of budget. Such a shame.

    I thought about losing the narrow strip of lawn, but, I kinda like the green space personally. Also, if you are on-site, you would probably want to keep it after looking at it.

    I'm sure if I play with the program enough I could put longer chains on the baskets, but that's the only hanging basket image I have. Two would probably look better, but I wondered what three would look like, I might have to fool with it again.

    There was another thread recently where two other members of lawnsite had done something similar, either with photo-shop, or a program similar to mine.

    Funny thing is, everyone in my area is still doing hand drawing and other not so quality cpu designs. I like this program as I can visually put things into perspective for my customers, and they seemed to really like it after having other design work done by other designers. They also like the idea that I can do images in a quarter the time as most hand designer do the work for.

    I will say, it took about 20 designs to finally figure how to make things almost perfect including shading to match each image to the environment.

    Thanks AZ, I'm going to meet with the HO Tommie, I'll post more about the project after I get some input from the HO. Right now I've got about 10 irons in a fire, and I'm waiting to see which one glows the hottest.
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    When you look at the date it is 03, 1903 that is.

    This is a pic of the farm that I currently doing bi-weekly maintenance on, and gearing up to do some landscape and hardscape installations. Yes the barn is still standing and the image of the horse is still there.

    Starting on post 64 I do believe.


    Here is the photo, cool stuff.

    Pahold Farm1.jpg

    Pahold Farm1.jpg
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    Cool place to work. :)

    Are they keeping animals at all or is it just a house in the country?
  7. White Gardens

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    No animals. The Gentleman that lives there still hobbie farms somewhere around 120 acres only because it's in his blood. Him and his wife both grew up on farms, but moved to the area to become professionals for State-Farm Ins back in the 70's. She is from Texas, and He is from Oklahoma.

    They are now both retired.
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    So the HO went with the first design in the front of the house with the gold-mops. That's the space they want done this year, and next year they are going to do the Sun-room off the the back of the house and I'll end up re-doing the wall then.

    She did like the design with the hanging baskets and she wants me to put those together next spring for annuals.

    Finally I've got a decent little install to do. Last year they were lined up all summer, and this year has been feast or famine.
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    what design software are you using in your designs?
  10. White Gardens

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    Pro Landscape Image Editor.

    I have the planner part of the program (auto-cad) but I don't hardly use it.

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