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    As long as the ground doesn't freeze, then I'm going to put in the tree in the design and the other woody shrubs.

    I have a couple of masses of Hosta's that I pulled next the house and healed in when I started and I'll split those into the beds also, but I can't guarantee at this point if they will survive or not. Luckily since they were already on the property, the HO won't be out any money if they don't survive.

    Up towards the front where the steps are, that will be done next spring. The man of the house is wanting to build an access door where there is a hole in the foundation where the other door on the porch was closed off. I'm going to let him get that done before I plant in that area so he has room to maneuver. He wants to keep the door as he had to jack up the porch a little when they did the siding so he wants to be able to get back under there if the porch ever settles in the center again.

    The main goal in the front was to keep the sidewalk far enough away to plant Hydrangea's. There is some existing Hydrangea's on the other side of the steps that will even out the front visually, but those aren't good to deal with until the spring.

    Long story short, at the bear minimum I will have all the dirt graded off in the beds and throw good hardwood mulch down when I'm done to help clean it up for the winter.

    I don't think I'll be able to fix the lawn in time before it gets too cold also. I've got one area that I built up for the sidewalk that is probably 500 square feet or so. I might just let the frost heave cycle have it's way with that area before I try to till and seed.

    Overall, with what doesn't get done won't be too bad for the winter, and I'm thinking I'll have it cleaned up enough that it looks relatively finished.
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    I'm really liking it.....

    Job site is getting a little messy, I need to clean it up ASAP. My plan is to have the landing at the bottom of the steps done by the end of tomorrow, and I'm about 45 square short of that goal. At that point I'm going to go ahead and install my poly sand on Friday on what has already been completed. There is a chance of rain Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed, so I want to finish off what I've gotten done to keep the water out of the bedding sand. For that same reason I don't want to start towards the other gate until the weather looks good again.

    Spacing this out a little will also help me get some cleanups done if it isn't too muddy over the Weekend.

    I have the best clients anyone could ever ask for. I have e-mailed 5 people who are waiting patiently for me to get through this project. They have all been very understanding, and have stated that they have appreciated the communication on where they stand in my schedule.








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    its coming together great man! good work
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    I like how you did that in the second pic, never seen that before..
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    Thanks, it's actually coming together better than I could have imagined.

    Originally I was going to do a running bond around the corner, but was afraid that if my curve was too sharp then I would be stretching the pavers too far and making my path go over 3 feet wide. So the idea was to join the runs in that corner and cut them.

    After I had set them I went ahead and found a center point for my curve in the bed and used a string line and pencil (compass) to sketch my curve for the corner.

    In the end I did make the curve large enough that I might have gotten away with stretching the pavers around in my running bond and still had been O.K. But the idea was to have the freedom to decide when I got the front done. I was thinking last night that I might have also been O.K. to stretch the inside and outside course to help create a sailer course in the corner, but, I think at that point I'm just splitting hairs. Considering this is more of a decorative foot path, that corner should be quite alright the way it is.

    I'm glad it worked out the way that it did only because it seems to match all my other curves that I have done so far.

    Looking at the weather, the rain might hold off until Sunday now. I might actually go ahead and see what I can get done on the other run before I install my poly.
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    looking very good white gardens. You are a master.
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    ya, nice blend.....
  8. gdguth

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    I think that it looks great!!!!! Also what awesome weather that you have had. That 10 day forecast that you look at awhile ago hit the nail right on the head. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for all the compliments. Thumbs Up

    Right now I'm taking a quick break. Sunday is the next chance of rain so I'm going to try to be finished by Saturday evening if I can without rushing it.

    I had my BNI meeting this morning and then went back out there. The landing at the bottom of the steps has been fighting me but I think I've got it done. Hopefully I can fly out towards the circle.

    I went out and bought a flood light. When it gets dark tonight I'll start moving the rest of the bricks. I really don't want to do this but I need to push to get done in time.

    I'll update tonight, Thanks again for all the positive remarks.
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    Funny you mentioned that Stillwater.

    I had 4 pallets of the #32 pavers, and 3 Pallets of the #33.

    So, it wasn't an even ratio of pavers. When I set out my grade stakes, I generally spaced them out every five feet, or 30 square feet.

    So, I figured the number of pavers per square feet. I also figured the percentages of each color over the entire run and translated that into the number of pavers needed for each 30 square feet.

    Eventually I came up with 38.5 #32, and 29 #33 per 30 square feet.

    The reason I needed to be specific about it was not only to keep the ratio correct through the run, but to also make sure I wasn't stuck with one solid color in the last 10 feet or so.

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