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    here are a few pics taken from three years ago or maybe two

    please dont look at the house, the lawn outshines it!!! and i have fixed up the porch since the pics, but still not done witht he transformation to a screened in fan cooled sitting area!

    some comments, if any of the plants look smaller,there is good chance they were new at the time like the small dogwood on the side of the house, it will look much better in about 5 more years even from now but it was cheap and nice so i got it.

    the front has changed a bit too as i was having some issues keeping some plants up there do to too much water, but my yard and gardens change all the time, i like to play with it and see what i can come up with here, before designing perennial gardens for customers.

    erins camera 117.jpg

    erins camera 118.jpg

    erins camera 124.jpg

    erins camera 126.jpg

    erins camera 127.jpg
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    one more to see and please excuse the trees, i did not yank them as this was a random pic session by the wife. i have two 70-80 yr old pin oaks and a sycamore in my lawn and no matter what i do(raking and blowing the acorns out of the beds on spring, i cant stop the onslaught of tiny oak forests. i have used snapshot and thick mulch to no avail.

    erins camera 130.jpg
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    Nice pics, you definitively got some good layers of colors and I'm sure the butterflies are thick in the summer.

    I hate volunteer trees also. Such a pain. I think it's a shame a lot of landscapes have gone away from the perennial succession similar to yours only because of the maintenance involved.

    You need to take those trees and pot and sell them. Might be able to make a few bucks.....
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    yeah, beleive me i have though of it!!! i get pin oak, sycamore from my yard and silver maple from next door. oh, and a few red bud trees from behind me. i could start a mini forest! i jsut go through a few times in summer and pull them out. i wait till we get a goo drain to make it easy, or irrigate.

    thanks for your compliments white gardens. i do have a succession which i am very proud of from early spring with tulips, hyacinths daffodils through all the way to the heavy frosts with my asters and salvias and others.

    i am a collector of sorts now with about 39 varieties of daylilies, 7 savlias, 5 coneflowers, six daisies, 5 black eyed susans and liek 10 hostas or so. these of course are not all my landscape beds but you get the idea.

    i have done a few landscapes for some of my customers that include more shrubs, but about half perennials so as to have color for most of the growing season. these few gardens i have been able to install and maintain(one is commercial) i have gotten some yard awards for them. i guess i am doing something right.
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    you cant see the pics really clear(and the pics are outdated with the actual garden now), but in my shade garden i have hostas, tradescantia (alos called spiderwort), a couple of yews, a few liriope and some dif colors of astible. they do great things with color and texture.

    the butterflies and bees are all very thick. the bees scare some people but i work in my gardens at least weekly and have never even been chased yet alone stung.
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    Ya, must be doing something right if you are getting recognition for your work. Looks Great. Thumbs Up
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    Nothing major other than the fact I wanted to post a couple cleanups but the memory stick for the camera seems to be misplaced. Luckily noting major is on there that I needed.

    Good news though. I now have access to a heated shop for the winter.

    The gentleman I did a landscape for in the summer has a shop just outside of town. He is the applicator that is a Sub-Contractor and Employed by the contractor. So basically he has a wage and also uses his own equipment also.


    Regardless, his shop is to hold his N-loader and at least two 4 wheel floater spreaders. In the front 1/3rd of the "Machine Shed" is sectioned off and is heated !! He said that I could use it if I ever needed.

    Nice to know I can have a semi-warm place to work in the winter if my truck breaks down.
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    you should be bringing in some good money for your obvious talent and skill. are you a one man show, have employees, crews??? cant remember if you said this.
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    One man wrecking crew, and I like it that way for now. I really wouldn't say that I've had " Overnight Success " like some have had and I attribute that to the fact that our local economy is saturated by landscapers. I have a feeling though that I'll need a part-timer at the minimum to help next year, and I just switched my liability insurance over to a company that also handles workman's comp so all I have to do is call and add it. Probably also looking into starting a corporation before next season and I already have my Tax ID number even though I don't need it as a sole proprietor and not paying anyone.

    I will say though that I did have my neighbor help me on the paver project. He put in about 20 hours or so, and a girl helped for 6 hours on a sod job and that's all the help I've had since starting.

    I have a feeling though that things will progress one way or another, word of mouth has expanded more, and I'm possibly thinking about about an ad campaign next year. I've seen a billboard that is just asking for the White Gardens logo on it.:laugh: I also just joined a BNI group in Bloomington and I can see some good coming from that also.

    There is a possibility that I will have work in Champaign IL next year also. A friend of a friend has recommended me and they've already gotten 3 quotes and designs that they haven't been satisfied with. It involves a pergola, fire pit, patio and a few other random items. So far they like what I have to say and love the pics they've seen of my work.
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    i have not found a girl(or really had very many apply) that can keep up with me and the crew, though i have seen them working for other companies.

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