White Grass and no it isn't powdery

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lewy, Aug 14, 2012.

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    All -
    New to the forum this is my first yard. Doing a lot of watering because of the new landscaping. But I am getting white grass in the yard. My father was convinced it was mildew, mold or fungus but is baffled. It is almost like white asparagus. It is "Healthy grass", just absent of color, there isn't anything powdery on it.

    Only thing that has changed is I've added Preen to my landscaping. But the white grass is appearing in the middle of the yard away from the landscaping.

    And no there is nothing powdery on the blades. I'm happy to take pictures if necessary.
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    Picture's (close-up's) of this are needed.
  3. Dr.NewEarth

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    Is it bluegrass?
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    sounds like mold
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    I like puzzles. Throw us a bone and take some pictures. The only times I have seen grass turn white is when it is in contact with water treated with aquatic herbicides such as sonar. What is your water source? If it truely is white grass, then something is blocking photosynthesis. Yellow grass can be many more things.
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    It's powdery mildew, which is white in color and looks painted onto (in some cases) otherwise healthy looking turf (but in my experience has never rubbed off like "powder" as the name might seem to imply). My first question would have been "have you fertilized recently" but you have answered that. Second question would be if it is in the shade. The turf may grow out of it but if you want to be sure to have little or no damage, apply an appropriate fungicide at the rate shown on the package for powderly mildew. Continue to mow (it already has enough/too much fertilizer), water and it will grow out of it in a week or two.

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