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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SHOF, May 28, 2011.

  1. SHOF

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    I recently noticed that my lawn had a glazed appearence to it. I began to look at the blades of grass and noticed that they were tearing. I bought brand new OEM SCAG blades that were sharp to the touch. I mowed with them, but I still got a glazed look after I was done. I use the same mower on my own lawn that I use commercially. All my commercial properties cut nice and clean and do not "glaze."

    I have attached a few pictures of the current look. This only started recently. Could it have something to do with the grass type or the times I mow it? My lawn grows at an extremely fast rate and I mow 2-3 times a week. I currently mow at 4". Let me know any opinions or possible causes other than cutting blades.

    Q 1.jpg

    Q 2.jpg

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  2. Roger

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    New blades are usually never sharp. The ones I buy always get sharpened before they are mounted on the mower.
  3. jacup84

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    raise your deck height by 1/4 of inch and see how it looks
  4. mdlwn1

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    probably this....
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  5. ALC-GregH

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    Make sure the blades are sharpened. New blades never come with a sharpened edge. I started to wonder the grass type. Where do you live? It makes things a lot easier when others know the state when trying to help.
  6. mdlwn1

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    Keep in mind you are also cutting a super high percentage of seed stalks...and no blade will cut them without tearing. Additionally..something doesn't sound right. You're cutting 2-3 times a week at 4 inches? I would guess by looking at the pics that your heights have not been consistant as well as watering or something. The 1st and last pic look like you have TTTF in there as well. I am comfortable saying as a minimum you cutting heights have not been consistant as well as seed stalks being torn (normal). Beyond that, there is definately something else lacking consistantcy...lack of water with too much fert?
  7. Merkava_4

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    Some of those grass blades look torn rather than cut. I read somewhere on the internet that torn blades can leave grass susceptible to diseases.
  8. EquityGreen

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    It possible you put the blades upside down....
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  9. SHOF

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    Blades were put on in the right direction. I have had plenty of water from several storms and irrigation. My lawn is always green and lush, except for this. I am in Indiana south of Indianapolis. Grass type is mainly Tall Fescue. The cut heigth has only increased gradually and not varied. I started at 3 at the beginning of the year. I went to 3.5 and now mow at 4. I have never mowed higher and the lawn has never gotten out of control. After a day or two, the lawn greens up and looks fabulous again. It just appears this way after mowing. I am going to sharpen my blades again and see what happens.
  10. weeze

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    you shouldn't cut 2-3 times a week...that's too much...try 1 time a week.

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