white pastic pieces on deck

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    i just owned this mini z of mine for about two weeks, i have a 3 acre yard i havn't gotten through the whole yard yet, and two small pieces of white plastic have fallen off, there are still 2 more attached to my deck under the spring pulley, are these important or are they part of the packing, for when the mower is shipped.
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    It sounds like you are describing the UHMW (ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE) or plastic pieces.
    These are used on all of our mower decks, they are used in place of steel due to the corrosion possibilities with steel and moist grass and such.
    This material is state of the art and we have had no issues with it.
    It sounds like there is the possibility that they did not get torqued correctly from the factory, that would be the only reason they would come off.
    There are a couple bolts that retain the top pieces, they must have come out.
    Take your unit to the dealer he will take care of you.
    If you have any problems at the dealer let me know ASAP.
    Please e-mail me your model and serial #'s so I can check with our production department for any other cases like this.
    We will take care of this for you.

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