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white powder subtance on tips of grass blades any ideas


LawnSite Senior Member
went to mow a customer this afternoon and noticed a white tint to the grass........so i walk onto the turf and look at the grass and the tips of every blade of grass has a white powdery residue..............yes a fert and squirt comnpany services this property also but they were there on monday and today is friday....and it rained cats and dogs since then.........what could they applied that would still leave this residue even after the rain......also noticed that all the tips of the grass looked burnt..when got right down and looked real close 2 the tips.i mowed the property last week with a sharp set of blades first lawn i cut after the sharpening of them actually..so what do you all think???????????????????:confused: :confused:

held off on mowing it today untill I get everyones opinions will take some pics...if needed/requested


LawnSite Bronze Member
agree with powdery mildew. The weather conditions here in Carroll Co. ,cool & damp are probably the culprit. Wait for the sunshine and 60 degrees to come at the end of next week or apply fungicide. I'm not an expert though just my experience. Is the property mostly shaded?


LawnSite Senior Member
Olathe, Kansas
has it frosted there in the past week? it has frosted here almost every morning in the past week and almost all my accounts have the white tips. i know its not the blades as we change them all the time.