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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Reefdiver, Nov 23, 2000.

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    Let me start by telling you a little about me . I Have 14 complexes in Gulf shores Al along the coast. The problem I'm having is white scale on my hollys. I have tried about all the chemicals the Nurseries have to offer around here even mixing Horticulture oil But all to no avail. The leaves on my shrubs are turning black.Oh by the way I'm told it is just not me having this problem here. They are saying our plants are getting immuned to our sprays. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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    Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology
    301 Funchess Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849-5413
    (334) 844-5006

    Try calling the head entomologist and talking to them.
    Good Luck!!

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    Reefdiver,rest assurred you`re not alone in scale.Here on the MS coast I am having the worst scale and "dew" blackening ever.If you get answer please post or e-mail.Thanks.
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    First get a positve identification of the tpye of scale.
    Once the insect is correctly identified learn the pest's life cycle and learn to identify the crawler stages. This is the most vulnerable stage of scale insects. Monitor the plants and treat when the crawlers start to emerge. You should check for any IMP groups in your state that track Growing Degree Days. This will help give you a better idea of when to start scouting. Timing is everything. Eric
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    thanks for the info all. Yardguy I will keep you updated if you come up with anything let me know I'm just about ready to pull it all. I have been fighting it all summer. grrrrrrrrr

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