White smoke from the muffler and black oil on the deck...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. The other day, I started my 36” Stander with an electric start 17hp Kawasaki engine. Lots of smoke from the muffler, so I thought it must have tilted and the engine was clearing its throat. I let it run for a few seconds and then noticed black oil spraying out on the deck. So I shut the engine off and took it to the dealer. He said the oil probably slipped past the rings, and blew out of the bottom end of the muffler. That made sense, because the engine oil is still pretty clear and there were no other signs of leakage anywhere. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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    Ive had my 17 hp kawasaki smoke heavy a few times when starting up, dont know if it was from being tilted and oil got in the cylinder or too much gas in the carb. Only other thing that has happened was a rocker arm bolt broke in it.
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    did you make any hard turns or add any oil? sounds like it was too full and some got around the rings. take the air filter off and see if there is any oil down in the carb. that's a sure sign.

    didn't spray it with cold water after it was hot did you?
  4. Oil level is right on the mark. Hard turns, yes. Went up and down the ramps on the trailer. The mowing height was set to the lowest level, tilting the engine forward a bit. The mower had been ridding in the trailer for a day without use. And the controls are set to the most sensitive, so its pretty twitchy and jumpy. Negative on the water, but I do use the backpack blower to clean all the debris off after each cut.
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    I also have a 17hp V-twin Kawasaki and on quite a few occasions have had Smokey startups. It seems to do it in cycles, meaning it may do it 4 times in one day and then it won't do it again for a week. When it was new I brought it back to the dealer regarding this and he told me not to worry because alot of theses engines do it. My guess is it must be the piston rings rotating on the piston and every so often when you shut it down the ring gaps end up in alignment allowing oil to seep into the cylinder.
  6. Thanks Nozzle,

    I was hoping someone would say that.
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    We have over 400 hrs on two different 36" wright standers, both have the 17 kawi. Have never smoked! We are running mobil 1 in them.

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