White Vinagar 20% acidity + Epsom Salt + Dish Liquid

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    In our state, Tennessee, it does not matter what you use, table salt, torch, large magnifying glass, chewing gum (just made that up), if you are killing weeds per the law you must be certified and operating under a licensed company. With the exception if you are the homeowner doing the weed killing in your own lawn... Not your parents, best friend, with or without compensation. Doesn't matter. Check with your state.
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    Don't forget hand pulling weeds works well. No special license needed either. Also has a low cost to the business as no special tools really needed.
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    I just talked by email with the seed buyer for a large horticultural supplier. I was looking for the most weed-resistant grass type.

    He in turn, talked by phone with his contacts at the wholesaler. He said the most dense and therefore most weed-resistant grass seed types were:

    "Compass II" Chewings fescue
    "Navigator II" creeping red fescue

    "Arcadia" Kentucky bluegrass

    Arcadia is new--it is a cross between high-rhizome Limousine and Midnight. "Extremely dense growth habit."


    My idea is to over-seed heavily (maybe repeatedly) with one, or all of these very dense varieties. Charge the customer what it is worth, of course. With proper care--including water and plenty of fertilizer--weed control should seldom be necessary.

    Naturally, a mixture of these weed resistant grasses is ideal for Canada where spraying of weeds is outlawed in most provinces. (Except for golf and stadiums.)
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