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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JimMarshall, May 3, 2013.

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    Thats always been a challenge for us. What we've done in the past/currently do is that once an estimate gets "accepted" we print out a paper copy of it, and write it down in google calendar. When it gets complete we either send out the invoice immediately. Or if its a regular customer put it in a stack that will get sent out on the mowing invoice at the end of the month.

    What are you currently doing? I feel like there is an easier way to do this haha
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    I use Microsoft Outlook to keep track of our schedules. The mowing is easy to keep up with since it's basically the same route each week. Also, I have an excel spreadsheet that has each route on it that we take in the truck with us daily and mark off the jobs as we go. If I have a mulch job or something different scheduled, I normally set a 3 day reminder in order to give me time to order supplies and get extra help if needed. I'm sure this is not the easiest way but it's worked for us for the last few years.
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    I just updated quickbooks and a lot of customers want to pay through intuit but for me loosing .50 a week per client is a lot of money every month. 2 per client = 200 per month. That is a great loss. If it was originally billed it would be ok. But now is too late.
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    For the couple of you that use quickbooks for online payment, could you possibly e-mail me a copy of a bill that has a payment link on it? Want to see what the UI looks like.... Also, is the link the same for all customers? Or does each e-mail have a seperate link on it?

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