who broke that window?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by the scaper, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. the scaper

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    i was doing a $200 cleanup yesterday morning - took us about two hours when- whilst loading up , "num nuts " informed me that there was a broken solarium window that he was pretty sure he didnt hit with the weed wacker. i'm like, ok, lets go look at the window that you just broke:) i measured it and on the way out call the glass co for a quote..$315+ tax.. ok no problem.. been a great year.. no mishaps.. so i figure i'll wait and see if customer calls, which would confirm in my mind that it was not already broken. she did, and left a message: job looks great but i have a broken window. i called her back and left a message: no problem, i'll be glad to take care of it. just give me a call back and i'll hook you up with the glass man. well, she hasnt called back. now my question is: if she never does call back, would YOU be persistant and keep calling her back, or just let it go? i already know what i'm gonna do but what would YOU do??
  2. BSDeality

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    thats a tough one, if you don't have it fixed she'll be telling all her pal's about your negligence. if you chase her down its still costing money.

    flip a quarter, heads she wins, tail's you loose
  3. Clewsew

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    TS...What are you going to do? This might help others do the right thing. I would probably call her again and tell her that if you do not hear back from her that you are going to close the "incident report". That will give her the impression that you handle all of these incidents in a professional manner...from the sound of it you probably do. I feel that if you make 2 - 3 attempts and do not hear back from the customer when you are trying to benefit them, then I would consider it closed. If you broke my window, I know that I would be calling you until you had the damage repaired.

    If you really feel bad, just tell her when the glass man will be there and if it is a problem to let you know.
  4. olderthandirt

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    Ins needs info by so&so date please contact me before such date so that we may resolve the problem. If I do not hear back from you by then I will cinsider matter closed
  5. Rustic Goat

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    There really shouldn't be any question here, do what you know is the right business thing to do.

    Call your insurance company, if you're going to file claim, don't know what your deductible is. Give them all info- glass company - customer info, etc.

    Be persistent in contacting your customer, who won't be your customer next season if you don't fix glass.
    Even if you never do any more work for this lady, you are still responsible aren't you!
    Don't be a putz, fix the glass!
    You'll feel better knowing you did the right thing.;)
  6. mower_babe

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    I think I would try to call her once more, than try to stop by, than send her a letter. Just pursue it like SHE owes YOU money. You WILL eventually get ahold of her. Then - simply fix the window and b!tch slap your employee. It won't really help the situation, but it might make you feel better.:)
  7. MOW ED

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    I agree with the Rustic Goat except with the insurance company. DO NOT CALL THEM. When you call they open a file on the case. Even if you pay out of your pocket, they now have a record of the incident. If you accumulate a few of these they have ammunition to either drop you or raise your rates. If the loss is only 300 and some change just suck it up and move on but keep it between you and the customer.
    I know thats what you are gonna do anyway.
  8. kels

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    Here is my S.O.P. after noticing a broken glass:

    1. call the glass co., tell them what is broken and the customers address, find out when they can come out.

    2. call the customer tell them what has happened and when the glass co. will be there. If the day/time is no good for the customer, I then call the glass co. and give them the customers number for them to call and arrange the day/time.

    3. call customer after work is completed and make sure they are satisfied.

    4. if customer is satisfied go pay glass co.

    I do not wait to here from the customer that the glass is broken, If I was the customer I would rather know something like that before I get home and know it has already been taken care of.
  9. AL Inc

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    I'm with Kels on this one. I always call or speak to the client right away if something is broken or damaged on their property. The last thing you want is for the client to find the problem and then have to call you.
    It's always better to be proactive with things like this. We blew out a window on a brand new Dodge Durango which was the clients pride and joy, I didn't want to make that call, but I was happy I did because they were actually pretty nice about it.
  10. lawn perfection

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    Go ahead and pay for the window. Don't wait on her to find you, go to her.

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