Who can Tell me about Walker mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by d.klas, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. orangemower

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    Don't waste your money.
  2. This is exactly how I feel...I think walker is more of an image than anything....I have used 3 different commercial brands of mowers and all leave a great cut. I don't bag down here so that wouldn't be a reason to buy one. I don't negate that it probably leaves a great cut, but so do many other mowers for less cost.
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  3. orangemower

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    Walker has a niche in the market. Just not in my market. LOL I see a few here and there but that's it. I can't stand the 3rd wheel stripe it leaves. Yes you can get a optional double wheel kit that cuts down on the hideous single wheel mark it leaves but you'll have to spend even more money. :hammerhead:

    Someone mentioned it saves time allowing you to get into tighter areas. Well as slow as they are, the time you're saving on the trimming side doesn't compare to the time you'd save with a quicker mower on the open areas. Even with the speed up kit it's pig slow. There's a reason why it can only go so fast and they don't want it going faster.
  4. Scott's Lawn Maintenance

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  5. Scott's Lawn Maintenance

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    Yes they are high maintenance but make up for it in quality of cut and versatility. Do a search you will find hours of info on walkers , and many different opinions . I will probably always need at least one for my business.
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  6. Landrus2

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    Have you tried all walker models :waving:
  7. The Grass Master

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    I personal love my Walker mower, 2010 MTGHS26. Hands down the best cutting mower available. Yes they are on the slow side, but there is a reason for it. I didn't buy it for mowing at 11 mph. It is defiantly a specialty type machine for high end properties. High end, best paying properties I must add. I specialize in a bagged cut and wouldn't do it any other way. Right now i'm using it for leaf clean-ups and am making $ hand over fist.

    Walker publishes a short, two page pamphlet titled, "What you should know BEFORE buying a Mid Mount "Z", A price v.s. value study offered by Walker mowers" It's very informative and I recommend you take a look at it. It's available from your dealer or you can call the factory 1-800-279-8537.

    What I don't get is how people say they are high maintenance. Each week I take 15-20 min and hit the major grease points. Whats so hard about hitting a few grease points.

    And if there is ever a company who is true to their marketing it has to be Walker. From the deck that floats and flexes following ground contour, to the manicured cut to the superior leaf collection, to its gentle footprint, to its effortless maneuverability and precise steering controls, it does everything they claim it does and very well I might add.
  8. lawnfire

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    On my second Walker and wouldnt be without one. I also run a 48 Exmark Turf Tracer. No major issues with either of my Walkers. I have always said , I dont know how anyone runs without a Walker. Walker on the front Bermuda Grass and Exmark on the Back Fescue. Looking to buy my third Walker soon.
  9. joemower

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    Sorry this may be a long read but I feel like writing today...

    The short and sweet of it is that a Walker is like you mom's "good pair of scissors." You know the ones that she would never let you use... Yes any pair of scissors could do the job but the "orange handle" pair that mom had always did a nice precise job. She always took extra care of them and was mindful of how she used them. Thus they lasted a long time and did a great job.

    I've used Walkers for at least a quarter of a century now and had my ups and downs with them. I've even tried to get away from them at one point but that didn't last. I missed them and so did our clients. After bringing them back many of our clients remarked about how pleased they were to see that we were using the "yellow" machines again. The funny thing was that the yellow machines that we brought back were all mulchers and our clients didn't even know the difference.

    A lot of the issues that you hear about Walkers refer more so to the old school GHS models. Yes they are slow, expensive, and you have to deal with disposing of the clippings. One of the reasons we tried to get away from them along with the lack of a dealer around here. But with all that said the GHS was and still is the best for what it does. As far as maintenance goes we do the same things for our Walkers as we do on our Toro and Exmark mowers. Besides to the contrary, you don't have to grease the 1000's of grease fittings every day. As with any machine, keep them clean, sharp, and full of fluids. Yes keep a watchful eye on all the parts, belts, and grease points but you only address what is necessary. Walkers also may be a bit scary to work on for they are so compact and this bone is always connected to that bone... but that is what makes the Walkers such a compact and nimble machine. They also warrant the operator's attention. They weren't designed the be a grinder! We educate our employees on how to properly operate and care for their machines and we get 2000 hrs out of them before we sell them to the next happy Walker owner.

    Now I would urge everyone rather they had a sour taste in their mouth for Walkers or not to try the new MB and MBS models. Totally a new bread of animals. Faster, outstanding on hills, mulch easier to maintain, and less expensive. I've been using the MBS's and MB's with mulch decks on them for over three seasons now and they have really changed the game for us in production while maintain our quality which equals money!

    There are many different types of mower operators with many different needs thus there are many different machines out there. Walkers are very good at doing what they are designed to do and they are only getting better. Yes I wish they were less expensive! Though they have always made enough money to pay for themselves. In the end we love our Walkers!
  10. Kevin R

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    I ran walkers for the last 18yrs, the last one being a 2011. I ran it for a yr and sold it. I now have a Navigator, I did ALLOT of comparing and testing and IMO the Nav is far superior in quality and cut quality at least with the 42". Yes they don't have as many Attachments or a side discharge deck, but as a dedicated bagger I would go Navigator hands down


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