Who cuts with just a pick-up truck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by locallawncare.ca, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. locallawncare.ca

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    Just wondering how many people operate out of the back of a pick-up truck? I do, but I am a small one man operation, doing strictly small residential houses. It fits everything I need, 2 mowers, trimmer, hand held blower, backpack blower, 2 gas cans, hand tools, hedge trimmer, garbage pale, and other various implements in a small toolbox and a wooden ramp, kind in mind I have a 8ft bed.. I do own a trailer and use it for gardening jobs/mulch/soil/topdressing/stone,etc. If anyone has any pictures I would like to see your configurations, sorry I didn't take any this year. I also bought a trimmer and blower rack so next year I will have more room, hoping to get the turfmaster. Sorry to ramble, it happens.
  2. zechstoker

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    I operate "just out of the truck bed". Using a 2000 Ford F150 with a standard length bed. I think it's a 6 ft bed. In the back of the truck is one mower, one commercial grade wheeled trash bin, 2 backpack sprayers, 2 gas cans, one backpack blower, chemical locker, a Stihl HL100 articulating hedge trimmer, one line trimmer, mower ramp, and an assortment of rakes, shovels and other various hand tools. I'd post a picture of my setup, but I just got done unloading everything.
  3. larryinalabama

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    If you have small yards and dont have to hall anything off thats what Id do.
  4. locallawncare.ca

    locallawncare.ca LawnSite Senior Member
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    It has worked well for me personally, occasionally I would fill a couple yard waste bags or dump some stuff a a couple places that had ravines and stuff. I thought I might be the only one that doesnt haul a trailer everyday. Eventually Im sure I will but for the niche I cut, probably not. I also have a newer well organized truck, not a hill-billy rust bucket, lol.
  5. BradLewisLawnCare

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    I have multiple crews and will definitely have someone driving around with a pickup truck only and a push mower setup with blowers. Can knock out a $30 lawn in 20-30 minutes. That is almost $60/hr billable for very little large expense. Gotta get routes close. Some lawns take longer to get the machines running then to cut the grass ~5-10 minutes top, some areas are hard to park truck and trailer.
  6. amosslmope

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    When I started in this industry I started out of a 1989 Ford Ranger. Used that for 5 years until I bought my first trailer then grew into multi trucks and trailers. To me its a great way to start and keep a low overhead. If you have small yards its a great way to be more profitable.
  7. shepoutside

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    Hey, :canadaflag: just down the road from you. This is how we set up our truck. Great for Snow Blowers in the winter too.
  8. z71tiger

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    I work out of the back of my truck.... My Isuzu box truck..
  9. zechstoker

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    I've been wanting to switch over to something like that, but it's currently not in the budget though. I was thinking something more along the lines of a U Haul.
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  10. locallawncare.ca

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    Nice setup there step outside, mines similar but with smaller mowers lol, and yeah the winter is going really slow for me, I got about 14 residentials, wish I got more, but its my first year and the last two winters have been pitiful. I also put the blowers in the truck, I got one Toro Powerclear and then an Ariens 24" 2 stage, they both fit perfectly next to each other at the rear, the ariens is turned sideways though. I only have 2wd but have about 400lbs over the axle, handled very well in the first big dumping we had, I'll post some truck and blower picks if it ever snow again, lol.

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