Who cuts with just a pick-up truck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by locallawncare.ca, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Eric's Lawnservice

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    Here are the pictures.



  2. pseudosun

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    Are the photos here hosted somewhere else, and then copied to lawnsite? I'm no wiz about how that works. When i hit "insert image", i get a box asking for a url. Is there a different way to upload pics?
  3. jones68

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    I started out with a chevy impalla towing a 4x6 trailer
  4. locallawncare.ca

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    Damn, you got every sqaure inch used there, good for you, I dont have a cap one mine, but I tend not to work about theft where I'm from, but it could happen. For the image question, you click on the paperclip and then upload from your computer.
  5. weeze

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    when you make a message click on the manage attachments box when you scroll down a bit or you can click the paperclip. then you can hit the browse boxes and upload a pic from your computer. you will need to resize the pics on your computer first most times since they will be too big. there are free downloads on the internet to do that with. i use PIXresizer.

    i dont' do it that way though. i use www.tinypic.com and upload my pics there and then copy and paste the url here in my posts. you can also use photobucket or similar sites.
  6. Eric's Lawnservice

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    Thanks! I also carry a grass catcher for my 48" for leaves etc. I'm adding a ladder rack to the top for this season. I wanted a cover to keep out the rain as well as thieves. Especially after getting caught in a few pop up summer thunderstorms.
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  7. newguy123

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    I use a full size truck and trailer...with that said I think a small pickup outfit can still look just as professional. Look at justmowing.com (he doesn't have pics) he uses primarily Ranger style pickups and runs them out of a modified bed. His business is huge! In 2005 he had over 2K customers over a million in sales. He built that in 7 years. I'm betting he's more than triple that now.
  8. pseudosun

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    I use a green bbq pit cover for debris. There's a bunch of pine cones in it now. That's a 2000 exmark that i'm very pleased with; no clutch. I paid 800 three years ago, and only changed muffler, belts, and carb. I could tell it wasn't kept up, but it runs like a top. Quick36 was my first commercial mower, but this mower is way better for me. I've been rear ended 3X!, and my truck is lower on the left side. This has been my set up for the last 3 years. Just pulled in the garage and shut the door; EZ.


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  9. Eric's Lawnservice

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    I have looked at adding an enclosed trailer to my rig and just hauling it around. But some yards I have are in the culdesac and others are in neighborhoods with less than 1/8 ac. lots. A trailer would block a driveway or I would have to park offsite. I'm planning on purchasing a cab over style box truck with a dovetail next season 2014. I think a professional appearance is important and enclosed trailers have alot of advertising space. However if you can't get the rig to the lawn the homeowner may think you rode your mower to the job. Don't get me wrong im not bashing anyone who uses enclosed trailers. From my Limited experience,and for my market a pick-up or a box truck would be better than an enclosed trailer.
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  10. zechstoker

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    Home from work now, and got pictures taken. This style setup has always worked well for us. What you don't see in the pictures is the backpack sprayers. One sits between the chemical locker and the cab of the truck, and the other sits in a bay directly to the right of the one behind the locker. Gas cans also go down in that bay with the sprayer.




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