Who do I listen to? They don't agree!


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I had not heard back from one of my best customers from last year about service this season. I stopped at the house and spoke with the wife. She said that her husband was considering going with another service this year, feeling that I always cut the grass too short last year.

EVERY time I cut last year, the wife would be home and ask me to cut it short. On the rare occassion that I would cut on a Saturday or late afternoon when the husband is home he would tell me to cut it longer. They also have a CHEAP plastic picket fence around their back yard. One small slip with the trimmer will take a quarter sized chunk of plastic off, if your not carefull. So, he tells me not to bother trimming around the fence. She says, while he is at work, of course, to trim the fence!

They are great people and pay well. I have speciffically addressed the issue with both of them but I can see the problem continuing this year.

What would you do?



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Kinda stuck between a rock and hard place. Type a nice letter and let them know that they are great customers and would to continue service. Explain in a nice way that you were getting conflicting instuctions on the way things were to be done and would like to accomodate both of them. Tell them your willing to cut at whatever hieght they want and and trimming along fence needs to be agreed on before the season starts. Just talk to them and show that you are willing to bend over backwards for them.

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Hehehehe I got that beat I got a great home on the water I love the lawn and the house is just awesome. She asks me too do something and 2 days later when I show up to do it he has already done it. She loves my work he on the other hand despises me because he thinks I am doing his wife. Now I would not say no to her but its not me I see at her house in the middle of the day when I show up to cut its some quote friend of the family. So just because your wife is cheating it doesn’t mean it’s the landscaper. I don't know how this is going to play out he doesn’t trust her which means I can kiss that job good bye one of these days.

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It happens. Especially when the couple isnt around at the same time, and have differences in opinions on how things should be.

Whether you continue mowing for them or not, always cut the lawn at the height YOU feel is best. They are paying you to be the expert. They need to let you make the decision on what height to cut the lawn. You should explain to her all of the reasons cutting above 3" is benificial. If you did explain that to her, and did not get anywhere with the Husband, than let them go. The next Co. will have the same problem.

As for those vinal fences, I hate them with a passion. You are right, there is no trimming around them without gashing them. I actually put in my contracts that I cannot gurantee trimming around vinal fences not to be damaging. I have had that same problem a few times. For God sakes what ever happened to wood?


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Kelly-I got a new client last year and about 2 months in the season the hubby and wife split up and she kept the house. Well it was one of them ugly divorces and I bowed out of that contract when it was time for the next install payment. I was friends with the hubby and didnt want to be accused of anything with the wife or have the wife accuse me of spying for the hubby
battags- I would just get with the man of the house an say do you want it long. If he says yes I would tell the wife her hubby said he wanted it long and i would explain to her about the plastic fence and that the hubby said to leave it. Let them work it out between themselves, just my 2 cents worth


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whoever signs the check is the Voice of reason LOL
i have gone through the same crap husband wants plants put in wife shows up what is that crap i cant win so i just bill


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I say listen to the man of the house. If he can't handle his business, it shouldn't have any effect on you the LCO. Also, keep in mind they could be playing a game.

That happened to me once and then I wised up when the husband and I agreed on the where the property line was and set a fair price. Then when I went to get the check the wife was there and said he had told me the wrong info and that the property line included another 30 x 100 feet. I said no problem and ate it, like a true dumba--. Then . . .the BS continued every time (them playing the "lack of communication between each other" game which I saw through like glass) adding more work each time (oh, we thought you were gonna do . . .and that. . .which he and I did not agree on and I was specific) and pretty soon I was getting beat out of about $40 per cut. On the fourth cut I had to ditch them. Too bad when I quit there was about a half acre of grass that had grown up because of a low area holding water that I could not mow - they had to spend the money they beat me out of to get it bushhogged (what goes around comes around!!!).

Not saying that these people you are dealing with are viscious but you can never really tell what folks are up to.