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Who do you use for your door hanger/post card printing?

I'm getting ready to have all my stuff printed for the spring but I am trying to figure out where is the cheapest? I am hopefully gonna do a whole bunch of door hangers or maybe just post cards to set on door steps because that seems to work very well around here. Anyone have a suggestion for the best/cheapest places to go online?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Albuqueruqe NM

we order from this company, pretty straight froward and the flyers are affordable and they work well. We use green lettering on a natural background. You can double your order on checkout for like another 100 bucks. Its a great deal. especially when u have a football team that you sponsor and are able to blanket the city on a weekend. That was the best idea ever. I sponsor the high school that i graduated from back in the 90's. They will do at least 3-4 flyer expeditions for us throughout the season. We have a huge pizza party and pass out t-shirts , shorts and hats at the end of each one. We will do about 10000 each time with a 5% return being the average. Works awesome. Alot better than 2 guys walking around for $9 bucks an hour.


LawnSite Senior Member
Cincy, OH
I just order 500 (I know only 500, but small budget right now) postcards. Used vista print. Good pricing and they are mailing them.