Who does follow ups?

Ryan Lightning

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I was wondering if anyone does follow ups after applications to make sure you got all the weeds? The 1 major company in town does a follow up to every weed control ap to spot spray any remaining weeds, and people Ive talked to seem to like this about there service, So I think Im going to have to provide this service. They also call the customer the night before any application are follow up to let the customer know there coming. How much would you add to your application price to provide the follow ups?


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I think its a great thing to follow up after app two or three weeks after it sets you a part from thoses big companies .people love attention.


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i don't think u can sell "follow up visits." ok, you drive over, pull out the tank, do a little spraying, write up your paperwork, etc. you have to get at least $25-$35 for the trip. how many "follow ups" a season are u gonna do? you'll price yourself right out of the job. sure people like the follow up visit, until they have to pay for it.

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I do "follow ups" on my own.
I am often in the same areas or at least close enough to them during a round that i can stop by and check up on things.
I always leave a note saying I stopped in.
If I treat anything this is noted as well.
These visits are also a great opportunity to up sell other services.
Lastly the note also says that THERE WAS NO CHARGE FOR THE FOLLOW UP VISIT. People seem to love that.

Good luck this year,


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