Who Else Is Cutting Grass?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by jvanvliet, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. jvanvliet

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    Warm weather, rain, properly fertilized lawns GAAAH!

    Had to call in a crew to cut grass this week, it's borderline out of control and will be off the chain by the end of the week and so...

    Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's cutting grass I go.

    Anybody joining me?

    Hoping for a cold snap!
  2. Not today, taking the day off, but this is my cutting week so yea, grass is getting cut. I would love a nice cold snap too.
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  3. Keith

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    Not cutting today. But I did cut 3 days last week, and will cut 3 days this week. No need trying to do a week on then a week off because there are still some that need to be cut every 10 days and a very few that still have to be cut at 7.

    There's no cold coming either. Nothing that even brings the temp down below the average high and average low. I really hope this is not a year without a winter. Cold is the great equalizer. Snuffs out lots of turf and plant problems. Not looking forward to a spring after there was no freeze or at least a frost. Also it's going to be bad if we don't get the usual slow down where we can get other stuff done. Both business and personal. I have lots of things at my house that need to be done, and winter is pretty much the only time I have to do it.
  4. It BETTER get cold for at least jan/feb. I mean seriously. The one saving grace is 2 years ago we didn't get cold until jan, but had 2 freezes, 2 near freezes, and cold all the way till May. Hopefully same thing happens this year.....
  5. jvanvliet

    jvanvliet LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'm grateful to still be on a four day week and short crews; at least were not bleeding to death.
  6. yamadooski

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    I can never really come to understand how some of you work. After 20 years of this I am so done kissing customers behinds. I have them kissing mine and still give out great service.
    I dont care how warm it is. I always take 2 weeks off for Christmas. That is my family time.
    Im there every week for the summer. I work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week.
    To see guys working between Christmas and news years day is just sad.
    When I have a customer that tells me that the neighbor guy is coming for both holidays I tell that person has no life and I do.
    kids are off from school and you only live once.
    So all you guys enjoy your 3 days on and off and working every 10 days. I'll be on the jet skis one day and we plan a few days in the forest on our quads..
    Ahhh the good life. A young wise manager told me as I was getting started in management. "You need to train your customers not your customers training you"
    I have lived by that rule and has made me very successful. Once you try to please everyone on their schedule and demands you will go crazy. Have seen many of my local aquaintances in the business fall prey to the kiss butt customer attitude.
  7. Ric

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    Apparently not everyone can make a schedule that works for both Thanksgiving and X mas. It takes just a little thinking ahead. Basically there are approx 4 weeks between the Holidays. Now factor in, most are on a Every Other Week cutting schedule. I guess It takes a Rocket Scientists to figure out a solution.

  8. Landscape Poet

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    yamadooski - you said it yourself.....after 20 years ....most of us have not been around that long to "train" our customers. Although I do see your perspective and agree with it to a point, you also must admit that the first new years of business your perspective was a little different..and if you can not....that it might be in today's competitive environment.

    I go out every two weeks and will be at there property every two weeks. This does not mean that the turf will get ran over with a mower when it does not need it. IF we get a freeze....I will still go out and check on the properties.....to see how the freeze affected them as each property as each properties do to their environment and exposure are effected differently.

    In my case the properties today - nothing needed the turf cut. They appeared to look fine and in line with their perspective neighborhood. Most have turned their irrigation down to once a week to comply with local regulations and we have not had much moisture so the turf shows little real growth. We sheared a few shrubs....sprayed few beds and were out. Back home and enjoyed a little nap before seeing what was going on here so life is not so bad...now after 20 years in the business I may slow down a bit as you have....but for now I am still full of piss and vinegar :dancing: and will go go go....cause I told my customers every other week service as long as the turf needs it.
  9. Landscape Poet

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    If you worked through the first week of Nov - you were fine for Thanksgiving..However you would of had to cut two weeks back to back last week to had this week off. Me personally I did not see the point of cutting back to back weeks when the turf simply does not require it here, add to that the fact that I was off the full week before X-mas and had more than enough down time to get any xmas shopping done and then rest and relax while even getting things done that needed to be done prior to the actual holiday.
    I could care less about having today off....as it is not a holiday unless you are a shopper!!! And that is all today really is , another Holiday for the retailers.

    Next week though...I am gone back home to enjoy a little down time.
  10. Darryl G

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    Since it ain't snowin' I wish it was growin'. Not much to do up here in the northeast except wait for snow or spring, whichever comes first.

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