who enforces safety?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i know many of us are safety concious. but how many insist that your help work safely, not only machine wise, but health wise. today we were out cleaning oak leaves. i always have dust masks, glasses, etc. before we started, i handed chico a mask. he put it down on the dashboard and started out of the truck. i said, "scuse me, u need to wear this." he just looked(im not sure he understands a word i say) . then he starts back out of the truck without it. i said, "look, u wear the mask, or ill see to it u go back to mexico." (i think now he is starting to understand english. )he just looks at me, puts the mask on, and goes to work. im not about to stand there and watch someone get sick, not on my time clock. anyone else enforce issues like this?
  2. 2 man crew

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    Safety glasses and hearing protection are the only things I enforce.
    Dust masks are available but almost never worn.
  3. lawnman_scott

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    All i do, is tell them they should wear sunglasses. And we dont go to the dump alone in the morning after we saw a quite large alligator crossing the road there one morning.
  4. proenterprises

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    Bobby...saftey is an issue, you are correct in making sure he wears the mask.

    BUT their is ABSOLUTLEY NO NEED to threaten your employee with sending them back to "their country" (or so you may think:rolleyes: )

    Think of a better choice of words please.
  5. racerdave

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    Is the mask for hardwood carcinogens?
    Make sure you document that you "trained " your employees on safe work practices. YOU have to prove this (with documentation)if you ever get investigated By OSHA or other (state) agencies.

  6. Green in Idaho

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    Dust buggers are a lot more fun than trying to breathe through a mask.... :p

    Safety.. the alligator reminded me of this.

    My main dump site was out in our nearby desert (crazy Dave in the Desert) he takes yard waste only. Anyway it is about 5 miles from our state penitentiary. I often dumped the days work after dark.... It's about a mile off the main road.

    I would eat dinner hang out catch TV shows and then go dump since it's open 24/7 (nice feature) and it only cost $2 per load (crazy Dave). So low n behold I'm out there one night (pitch dark) quite late and my battery dies! IN the desert . IF there was a prison break this spot would be PRIME for a fugitive to hold over till an unsuspecting greenie came along.....

    So a Mile off main road, another mile to the nearest phone. I'm a walking back and hear something behind me... I took off full speed! I quickly realized that at that speed of my slow but it was a good thing there was no real danger.

    Safety is necessary at all times--- be fit to run FAST when you need to :D :D
  7. lawnman_scott

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    cell phone?
  8. paponte

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    We make sure safety equipment is available to everyone. As far as making them wear it, I don't think everyone will. If they don't, it's clearly their choice. We will even purchase specific protection if someone requests it. If someone doesn't value their hearing, thats up to them. I'm not here to babysit.

    We do have several safety requirements such as boots, and uniforms. Other than that, it's their choice. :cool:
  9. Darryl G

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    I fully understand your position, but it IS your job to enforce safety. Providing them with the equipment is not enough. Sorry, but if you know that there is a hazard (i.e. loud noise) and fail to enforce hearing protection use, you are not in compliance with OSHA and you are leaving yourself open to a lawsuit if that employee goes deaf later in life. If you want to cover your tail, you need to write people up for not following safety procedures and take appropriate action like suspending them from work or something.

    Bobby was right to insist that his guy wear the dust mask.
  10. paponte

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    Yeah I agree Darryl. I will make them wear protection in instances I feel it is definitely necessary. But how many of you guys wear ear protection EVERY time you are mowing, or even trimming for that matter? I wear hearing protection, but I can not honestly say I wear it 100% of the time.

    I understand your point, and also know that is the correct way to handle it. The minute you turn your back and the headphones are on the handles of the mower, are you really going to suspend the guy?

    Instances such as changing blades, they know we require you to wear gloves. Large equipment, always need ear protection. As far as just regular maintenance I find it hard to enforce. :cool:

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