Who fills out i-9 forms?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Ramairfreak98ss

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    one of the places we deal with requested I-9 forms on all our employees... myself included and then has a seperate list for each employee name, SS# , date I-9 form was completed and reason not completed if not attached..

    The i-9 form appears to be from homeland security to make sure your not employing terrorists or something... why is it so difficult for those on the books when anyone cash gets no checks, which are 99% of the illegals and people the government is trying to find anyway?
  2. NC Greenscaper

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    I know you pain. It's much harder to do it the right way than the wrong.
  3. AL Inc

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    I've got I-9s for employees and myself here in the office. I've only had to present them to someone a few years ago when I was audited by the Dept of Labor. It is just to show that the employee is documented and it looks legit. It is not up to us to be able to determine if the ID is phony. And yes, it is just another hoop for the legit companies to jump through. Much of my competition here doesn't have DOT #s or business insurance, so I doubt they keep I-9s:hammerhead:
  4. AI Inc

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    It also requires you to see 2 types of ID , one must be a photo ID.
  5. Ramairfreak98ss

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    yeah dont get me started on the undoc'd companies without insurance, not legit and raking in cash lol

    And yeah, they're looking for like a drivers license and ss card or other form of major id... i only require our guys who drive trucks to have a copy of their license just in case one ever "stole a truck" or something drastic like that or i needed it. We have two guys that are on student visas and one through his wife on a nursing education visa, ones from germany and ones from scotland, fully legit, good workers, i can imagine the major pita it would tie up in paperwork to fill out all of their stuff to work for me part time as they do :/
  6. AI Inc

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    This sentance dosnt make sence.
  7. starry night

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    ALL employers regardless of type of business are required to have I-9's on file for all employees. I remember hearing a TV broadcast guy saying how screwy it was to have to fill-out an I-9 when he changed employers after being on TV for 20 years --- as if there was some question as to who he was and where he came from. Just more government paperwork (needless in most cases.) My wife is a fanatic about our paperwork and makes sure we have I-9's before an employee even gets in a truck. I rant because I have 25-years worth of these forms which no one has ever asked to see.
  8. Yater

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    This one doesn't either.

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