who goes door to door?

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by mbrooks24, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. mbrooks24

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    Im just starting out and I was wondering if any one goes door to door? What is your approach? Does it work?
  2. BIGBOY2008

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    I did the door to door thing this past season due to the amount of lowballers and travellers we had in my area. Its not enough to simply go door to door and pass out literature. You will have to do the numbers and ratio game and be well practiced in the art of making the sale.
    The trick is to talk to as many property owners as possible and be able to quickly determine whether or not you are wasting your time with each one of them. If they are not interested then thank them for their time and move on quickly to the next one. It doesnt take much to determine who is interested as opposed to who is not interested. If they are semi-interested then make a name and address list of all the semi-interested in that neighborhood. Photocopy the list and go back to each individual address and give that list to the property owner and tell them if two or more people in the neighborhood agree to have their driveway sealed then every property owner on the list will be given a $0.02 psf discount.
    You will be looking for a sales ratio and what that means is for every "x-number" of property owners you talk to "x-amount" of them will hire your services.
    If you talk to 15 property owners and potential customer number 14 hires you that will be your 15 to 1 sales ratio. If you talk to 45 property owners and numbers 44, 47 and 49 hires you that will be your 15 to 1 sales ratio. You may experience a 15 to 1 ratio or a 25 to 1 ratio.
    The trick is determining and knowing your sales ratio number so you dont give up or prematurely drop your prices because you arent getting positive sales responses day in and day out.
    And you will have to know how to educate your customer about your product and services so they will have a reason to hire you. Travellers and lowballers are crooked and work very hard to push their watered down sealers and tell lies and take their victims money. You will have to work twice as hard as they do to educate your customer not only about your top of the line product and superior application methods and you will also need to educate them on how to not get ripped off by your lowballing competitors.
  3. punt66

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    I would never give a door knocker the time of day. Reason. In todays world with so many preditory contractors doing door to door "sales" you dont know who your dealing with. Your always better off to seek a provider on your own and if a provider seeks you by knocking on your door dont trust them. So door knockers in my neck of the woods are no longer. People will not even speak to them.
  4. BIGBOY2008

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    You know we have always had our work cut out for us devising and practicing various ways to compete with all these predatory door to door sales people. But now we have to deal with those much worse "preditory" door to door sales people. Thanks a lot for the heads up bro ill be sure to keep an eye out for them before they get started down here in my neck of the woods.
    Oh btw they sound like some bad boogers to me. How will i know them when i see them? What do i look for? Do they have shaved heads, tattoos and pack machine guns? Do they carry machettes and switchblades?
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  5. slave2lawns

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    I would first check with your town hall and or your local Police Dept. to check to see if you need a permit. We have accounts in NY, NJ and PA and in all three states if we wanted to have a guy to try and solicit door to door we were told we needed a permit. First we needed to apply @ the town halls then we needed to go to the local PD's and show them and get it ok'd then go back to the town hall and get it finalized. If you need a permit and someone either complain's or if a cop just see's you going door to door then you could face a fine. Anyway, to answer your question we do have a guy that does try and solicit door to door. With all of the competition we can afford not to. Then again, we hired a few people from TRugreen. I have plans of where I want my company to grow. But it's not for everyone.
  6. andyslawncare

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    Having a solicitor's permit is required in a few towns that I work in, not that I seal drive ways, but marketing landscaping is sometimes similar. I usually pay $25 per day per person to solicit during the hours that the city requires.
  7. JB1

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    I have people coming to my door and don't give them the time of day, makes them look like some fly by night outfit.
  8. rnd

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    Door to door is an effective way to get in contact with people to introduce yourself. People are looking for more personal contact. It's always nice to put a face with who they do service with or want to do service with. A great way to start a relationship then just leaving behind a advertisement piece. Door to door is a postive way to leave a lasting impression.
  9. E&IAsphaltMaintenance

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    I go door to door. I usually have a good turn out too. I go to the same areas every year. So people get use to seeing you. And I have a permit also...

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