who had hurt their back this year????MEMEME

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassman177, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    yesterday did its toll on my back. wow. everything just seems rougher this year, maybe due to last year being so wet and some rutting??? i have no idea., frost heaving?? whatever the reason, my back is barking. last night i actually could not stand to sit, no pun either. stand, sit, it all sucked!!

    low low back pain. have any of you had this kinda thing in the recent past. i have had a disc buldge confirmed by exray a few years ago now, but this is different. i even fell the pull in my behind!!
  2. Paul's LC

    Paul's LC LawnSite Member
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    Yah my shoulders and back are killing me. I started cleanups a little over two weeks ago and their not liking 13 hour days, oh well lol. and im just almost 16
  3. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

    Coastal Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
    from VA
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    i get the upper back and shoulder pains. but nothing a few good ibuprofen cant handle
  4. Hell on Blades

    Hell on Blades LawnSite Senior Member
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    Medicated by Michelob
  5. ALC-GregH

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    In the last month, I've been to 3 doctors. I just went to a neurosurgeon last week. I've had back problems for 10 years. You learn to live with it and also learn what your limitations are. I can sit all day long and be fine. Stand up and do a bunch of walking and it gets tight pretty quick. The surgeon said that 3 of my discs are degenerative (already knew that from a MRI 8 years ago) but are not pushing into my spine. That's a good thing. I thought it was a nerve/spine problem from the type of pain I was having. He said it was all muscle. I'm having a lot of muscle problems that stop me from going any farther once they start screwing up and getting tight. I'm for sure out of shape at 46.

    Have any of you guys seen the inversion table called Teeter Hang Ups? You know, the older guy that in pretty good shape gets on it flips upside down does a sit up flips back over and hops off boasting how good it is for your back?????????

    I have news for you, IT WORKS. I bought one at Sports Authority and after assembling it and trying it out, the pain was gone. Sure it doesn't happen after one time but it helps a lot with stretching and decompressing your spine and muscles.
  6. stevenf

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    Even though im only 20, I have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. They disk dont get enough blood flow to heal themselves so once its hurt, its hurt forever.
    I severely hurt my last disk in my spine two years ago. I can relate to the pulling in the upper butt region. If it were any other disk I would be fine but that lowest disk makes you completely useless when its acting up.
  7. IdealLawnCare

    IdealLawnCare LawnSite Member
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    My back is always hurt. Most years as the season goes on it gets worse and by the end of the season it is really bad. Then all winter it heals up for the next season. Im sure it is from all the fall cleanups and lifting the bagging system.
  8. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    been into the hot tub, a heating pad and popped the back a bit and it is better unitll i start walking aroun d a bit too much. tightens up. i want one of those upside down spine stretchers. it just looks like it feels good. how much are they?
  9. MikeKle

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    I have had a bad back since I was 12 yrs old, from an old BMX accident on my bike, hurts like hell all the time. The docs had me on Percocet but it didnt really help, then they put me on Methadone, that stuff takes most of the pain away for about 4-6 hours, but it is hard if you run out before you can get it filled again. I can work 12 hour days now with no real pain.
  10. david shumaker

    david shumaker LawnSite Senior Member
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    I try to take it easy and not push it. I've sneezed before and my back was out for over a week. I could hardly roll out of the bed or put my shoes on.

    I've got one yard that has killer slopes, so I have to be careful not to twist my ankles or back.

    I should do some back exercises to keep in shape for lifting, etc.

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