Who has a QR code for their business? It stands for "Quick response"

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tradeyouraccounts, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. tradeyouraccounts

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    Who has a QR code for their business? It stands for "Quick response" They started back in Japan in the mid 90s and are becoming more common for businesses to use now, is anybody using one? I just got one generated. You just need to use your camera phone with the QR code reader to scan it for the info on the code. I got the free code generated with AT&T and the code reader app.

    TYA QR Code.png
  2. Brodie

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    I have seen this on a couple of thing that I have purchased but never really knew what it was or how it worked.

    How does it work?

    What sort of application does it have for the lawn mowing industry. How could we use this technology.

    Im always interested in new technologies, especially if it will make things easier and quicker?
  3. tradeyouraccounts

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    Its a code that can be generated for free using various software and then can either have your website embedded in the link or your business contact details. The when someone scans it with their camera phone using code reader software it gives you the details within the code. ATT do a free code creation and have free reader software. Its new at the moment here but well established in Japan where it started out.
  4. Lefet

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    How or why or what would someone scan to get this information. I am completely clueless as to how this will help. Pardon my ignorance.
  5. tradeyouraccounts

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    Im new to the concept of it as well but theres talk that it will become more popular in the states this year. Microsoft is developing systems for its use and it was invented by s subsidiary of Toyota over 10 years ago. apparently it can save time as suppliers and retailers can create a code and users can scan it with their phones and get all the information on a product, direct you to a businesses web page or automatically create a contact in your phones address book without having to type in all the details and they can have a business phone number automatically dialed by scanning it. Google QR codes theres a ton of info on it.
  6. grass-scapes

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    Here is what its supposed to actually do.
    Take your android phone or your Iphone and get a barcode scanner free. Open it up and scan the barcode here.

    BAM. It takes you to a website.
    Now, Imagine having that code on your advertising. say you advertise on those boards above the toilets in bars. someone, using their Iphone can now have a way to contact you when they get sober.

    You can put many different types of info into it. A phone number would work well too, since most scanners are on phones. With the proliferation of Iphones and Android based phones, having a QR code in your advertising makes good sense.

  7. tradeyouraccounts

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    Im just looking at your site now after scanning the code it worked well!!
  8. Lefet

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    Okay I downloaded a reader to my phone then scanned your code.
    Have to say, I'm impressed!!
    How else can you get a code for yourself and where do you keep it? How do you transfer it to where you want it?
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    Is this kinda like husqvarnas add in I think it was turf( or lawn and landscape)? if it is its pretty cool, took a pic and then went right to a page about the P-zt!
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    I got my code from ATT's website but if your not with them heres another http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ you then save the image to your computer and transfer.


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