Who has a QR code for their business? It stands for "Quick response"

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tradeyouraccounts, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Lefet

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    Thanks!!! :cool2:
  2. grass-scapes

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    Ive done mine with a vcard...a website....a phone number. I figured that I would put the vcard on my next ad and when they scan it, it adds me to their contact list on their phone.
  3. Loriena

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    We are putting qr codes on our enclosed trailers this spring--the code will direct to a video on youtube where I give a personal introduction/greeting and an overview of services we offer. At the end will of course be our contact information.

    I did a bit of research on qr codes and found that the industry that seems to be using them the most is Realtors...lots of tips that can cross over to us easily.

    A great website to use when generating them is QRJumps.com this site allows you to create a code that can be displayed somewhere that is more permantent (trailer, yard signs, shirts, etc.) where you may want to change the landing page...w/o recreating a qrcode and having to republish/print new shirts/signs/trailer lettering.

    This is a good idea--because at certain times of the year I may change my youtube video to highlight a seasonal service. Or, if the code is on a sign I may want to highlight THAT specific project showing before/after photos to them, etc. Then, the next time I post that sign in a different yard I can have a different url associated with the same qr w/o having to reprint/throw away signs.

    I'm new at this too...but if you use qr codes you will be standing out ahead of the majority of landscape companies and for sure will be noticed. Just do a little research first to avoid stupid mistakes... like, if you put a qr code on your business card, dont link the qr code to the contact information page of your website...they have this information in their hand already--give the person a tour of past projects in the photogallary of the website instead.
  4. shade tree landscaping

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    now if you put it on an enclosed trailer, obviously your going to make the image of the qr code larger,does that effect it in anyway?
  5. Loriena

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    no. the code can be enlarged w/o problem. When in Austin TX this winter I saw that one realtor in town had signs posted (traditional) for the house that was for sale. Right below it on about a 24" x 24" yard sign was a QRcode. I did not have a reader on my phone at the time, but I imagine when scanned it took me to a virtual tour of that house, and maybe a few others he/she had for sale in the area. Pretty cool, eh?

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