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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DUSTYCEDAR, Mar 16, 2004.


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    who has 1 and do u like it? what size did u get and what did u pay? is it secure storage? do u have problems with it leaking?

    sea box.jpg
  2. rodfather

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    Don't have one, but sure could use it. Kind of hard to steal unless someone comes along with a rollback...how do you go about getting or finding one Dusty?
  3. Scraper

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    Rod...I remember seeing a newspaper article about the seaport up in Bayonne/Newark being inundated with these and can't get rid of them as it costs too much to send them back overseas and is cheaper to stockpile them albeit an eyesore/safety hazard. You could try calling shipping companies up that way.

    Dusty, have you looked into the prefab sheds like they have down at Rick's Sheds in Aston? I got a 12'x26' last fall for just over $2k up in Lancaster from the same place that supplies Rick's for a fraction of Rick's prices.
  4. walker-talker

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    I passed up a chance to buy a semi-trailer last year at auction for $275. I would have bought it if I would have known for sure if it did not break city code storing it on my property. They would of even hauled it for free. Might check into something like that. I was going to drop the axles to get it closer to the ground.
  5. AL Inc

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    I have 2, a 14' and a 20'. They are actually old truck bodies. Not as sturdy looking as those shipping containers. But I think they are great, everything stays nice and dry and secure. We back the trailers right against the door at night and have never had a problem.
    They are owned by my landlord, a welder who usually gets the trucks and cuts the body off and junks the chassis. A friend who also parks at the yard bought his container (identical to your picture) for about $1800. Mike
  6. ratherbeboating

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    I don't have one but a freind of mine has 2 that he stores carpet in. He owns a carpet business. He got them for cheap and they work out great for him........everything dry, no leaks. I think he paid around 1,500 each for them. they're 20ft long.

    He doesn't have electric in them, which he needs.

    He has had them broken into twice, he found some big metal brace/lock made just for sea boxes and it hasn't been broken into since.

    I have 2 other neighbors that have them in they're yards one uses them to store some stuff from his church, He says everything stays dry.....not sure how much he paid or maybe the church gave it to him but he likes it.

    the other one stores all his building supplies in his, he's building his house on his own so it's taking a while.Both neighbors don't have any issues with breakins since we live off the beaten path.

    Anyway, I've never hear any complaints out of them about their boxes.

  7. Scraper

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    I would hope things stay dry inside. They are out in the open on those transoceanic oceanliners. I had a friend in the shipping business and he told me that they would fall off the ships from time to time during the crossing and be lost to the depths. Not a big deal I guess since the materials were coming in cheap from China.
  8. Critical Care

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    This is a good idea... Not long ago a friend wanted to get rid of an old metal storage shed. If I hauled it off I could have it for free, which I did, but I never got the thing put together again because of the ten thousand screws and parts. These sea boxes look like the ticket!
  9. Mdirrigation

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    I have 2 , paid $300 a piece for them 10 years ago , coated roof with tar and never leaked. I was at a place here in Maryland that sells them, he welded 4 toghether and cut out the centers and now has a 40 by 40 shop looks good inside. The 20 footers are going between 1000 and 1500 depending on condition.
  10. Henry

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    There's a guy in Passaic that sell's these. I got a 20'er 2 years ago for $1100.00 delivered and set in place. When you order one they pick it up in Newark and bring it to your yard on a flat bed. I'm guessing this guy just buys 'em and flips 'em. Look in the want ad press for his ad in the trailer section.

    I was gonna build a shed but it would cost more and would be a ***** to move if necessary. Everything stays dry and we even keep our plows and ladders on top.

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