Who has a stihl sh86 vac ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bates Lawn Care, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Bates Lawn Care

    Bates Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    do they work good?
  2. DaveWB

    DaveWB LawnSite Senior Member
    from SE WI
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    It works fairly well, definitely worth the $40 upgrade or whatever it was. Only time it clogged up on me was when I was cleaning up after I trimmed some shrubs, sucks pretty good too.
  3. jsf343

    jsf343 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I had one a few years ago and can tell you there are better things to spend your hard earned $$$ on. They are OK, but I would not buy one again if I had it to do over. They get jammed way to easy.
  4. gebby

    gebby LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would agree with jsf343. I keep mine in the box and have not had it out in about 2 years. The last time out a piece of mulch jammed it up, had to shut down, open the piece and un jam. Just too much trouble for me. I guess it would depend on what you were going to use it for. Not knocking Stihl products but, I just blow and pick up with my mower bagger or, a rake or, by hand. Just simpler.
  5. stickleylawncare

    stickleylawncare LawnSite Member
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    I thought we might be able to use it on the few shrubs that we cant just trip first and blow out/rake out. Sadly, it just isnt strong enough IMO for commercial type use. Used it with disappointing results a few times, trying to like it, but it just sits on the shelf now until I put it up on CL.
  6. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Michigan
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    I have the SH85 which is the same thing without the anti vibe mountings, and is the version right before the SH86. I bought it for around my home about 9-10 years ago. It is still running strong on the original spark plug, fuel filter and air filter. I have used it commercially for most of its life though, and it has been a great blower. They are very powerful for a handheld.

    The guys who plug them up while vacuuming are using them in the wrong locations. The fact that they will suck up large chunks of mulch says something about their vacuuming power. You just have to pay attention when you are around mulch beds.

    They are awesome for cleaning out window wells that are so common at some schools, and a lot of churches, especially after the leaves start to fall. I have the gutter attachment for mine as well, and that is one handy thing you can do with them that you can't do near so easily with a BP. I just cleaned mine out a couple hours ago since we are supposed to get rain for the next 2-3 days.
  7. castlerockmo

    castlerockmo LawnSite Senior Member
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    I love mine. It makes the job look so much better when were done. It only clogs when you try sucking up something to big. Once you learn the little tricks it won't clog at all. It had madey life so much easier and were in and out of the job in no time.
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  8. SouthSide Cutter

    SouthSide Cutter LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Mine isnt as good as the old 85 model but I would be lost without it. Some stuff will clog it worse than others. So you just have to learn what not to vac up. Would buy another.
  9. jsf343

    jsf343 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    No, don't get rid of it...remember you can change the fan shrowd around and turn it into a blower, that was what we did and now we use it soly as a hand held blower.
  10. StihlMechanic

    StihlMechanic LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here the only people who use them are homeowners. I use my snapper hi-vac to suck up debris after a hedge job, works well.

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