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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by indy2tall, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. indy2tall

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    Have any of you bought a used Uhaul box truck and put a mower ramp on the back as an alternative to the normal pickup/trailer combo? I know a lot of guys use Isuzu box trucks and the used Uhaul trucks can be had for a lot less money. I realize they are usually gassers that get crappy mileage but when there is more than $10,000 difference in price to the Isuzu's I would say mileage isn't as important. I know they have been beat to hell but the price is so low that they are almost a "disposable truck". If something major breaks just junk it and buy another one.
  2. hosejockey2002

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    You should say than WHEN something breaks just junk it and buy another one. There is a reason that those trucks are so cheap. If you've ever rented an older Uhaul, you know why. Those things are hammered! Another thing to consider is when your truck breaks it costs you a lot more than just the cost of fixing the truck. Down time costs your business big time, for the simple fact of you being unable to work when your truck is broken. Unless you want to buy two or three of them, don't depend on these broken down old junkers. For the same money you could buy one good truck that you could depend on.
  3. indy2tall

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    I agree that they are cheap for a reason and that is because they have been beat on a lot, but that is my whole point. I would always have my original pickup/trailer setup as a back up so down time would be minimal. To me almost any type of truck you buy used will give you the same problems eventually so the choice is between a new box truck ($30,000 and up) or used with the Uhaul being toward the low end of the price range ($2,000 to 3,000).
  4. PROCUT1

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    had one and it worked great... Few minor issues but nothing that put it out of service

    TRUCKS 006.jpg
  5. shepoutside

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    I know of a local company, that has about 5 on the road. That's all they use, and they seem to get 5 years out of them. Then they become storage sheds, as the have old ones parked out back a strip industrial mall. They are cheap, and most, here anyway, are in good shape, just not much of a market for used, non flat floor cubes.

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