Who has gas tanks mounted in enclosed trailers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maelawncare, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. maelawncare

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    I just recently bought a new enclosed trailer. And i love it. Only problem is hauling enough gas for the day. I hate use the 5gallon gas cans. And only open trailer i had a 10gallon and 15gallon air tank type gravity fed gas tanks.

    Has anyone ever mounted a large gas tank in an enclosed trailer? If so how did you do it and how did it work out. I remember seeing somewhere that someone did that before, but i cant remember where.
  2. xtreem3d

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    around here there are some tanks mounted outside on the tongue between the jack and trailer front..been thinking about doing that. the inside of a trailer can get pretty hot here in summmertime
  3. Lawnshow

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    We bought a new 26' enclosed and had the same problem with fuel. We simply built a racking system out of angle iron and mounted a 90gal tank into the front of the trailer. The tank sits up about four feet from the floor so as to not loose any floor space. The tank is one that would normally go in the back of a pick up truck bed. It works sweet and used up waisted space in the front of the trailer. We store mowers underneith and also had room to mount a tool chest next to the tank on the passanger side. We vented the tank throught the floor of the trailer as well as any over flows tubes. Furthermore, we wired in a transfer pump so we had electric pumping and put a digital meter on so that we could get accurate mixed fuel. (Trying to make things idiot proof.) Also, we used automatic shut off pump so that guys won't stick the nozzle in the gas tank and walk away, causing spilling or overflow. We also ordered the trailer with an extra roof vent and the guys are under strict orders to open the side doors during any major refueling.

    Also would work good on a cheaper budget would be to use a gravity system. Since the tank is mounted higher up then the equipment, a gravity tank flow would work but we wanted to make sure that guys using this gas could make their own mixed fuel the right way so we didn't burn up small equipment. We also had custom doors ordered on the trailers. The right side or passenger has a 60" ramp door while the drivers side has a standard man door. We had them built this way so that when our supervisors go and get gas they have all the fill caps on the same side of the truck/trailer. The fill for the extra tank in the trailer is mounted above the tank almost darn near the ceiling, but it works great. Just my 02.

  4. maelawncare

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    But how do you get the tanks up high enough to be able to use gravity. it would have to be mounted somehow.
  5. vmderrick

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    Around here brickman used to have them on the tongues of there trailers but then cops started bothering them for them being on the outside so now all there trailers have the transfer tanks on the inside

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