Who has messed with Micro sprays?

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    I need to design a system with minimum of overspray. I've used the Hunter Microspray and like the appearance and that it puts out very little to no mist. Only problem is that I've had, for me, a high failure rate where the nozzle pops up and doesn't seal properly. Can anybody give me a review on the Maxi-jet? They have a retrofit for RB popups that flows at 10,15, or 24 gph. Normally I would use brass 3-5' peanut nozzles but I'm determined to minimze overspray and mist. I may stick with the brass and adjust the pressure to its best performance. Open to new products for this situation.
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    If the brass peanuts are an option, that is the way I would go. For pressure regulation to kill the mist, switch to an irritrol valve like the 100series Purp is talking about in larger valves. They come in 1" too and take the omni-reg (http://www.irritrol.com/valves/valves_omr.html) A little more cost, but I think it would be worth it for the project you are describing!
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    my customers are microspray crazy. i use rainbird xerigation products. they have also recently come out with a new line of special regular sized nozzles that only spray like 2'. havent tried those yet, they are still sitting on my desk with the rainbird rep's card in the box. i kind of like the results i have gotten from the micro drip line. it has an outlet every 6" and puts out more than fullsized drip allowing for a closer precipitation rate to a mironozzle.
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    I've used the Maxi-jet retro kits and they work well. Only problem I have had with them getting kicked off in high traffic areas. Personally I run my micro off of poly line using either Maxi-jet or Nelson sprinklers depending on the application.

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    They have 2 2" RB valves already feeding this bed. The water pressure is very high from observing it running. This will be a retro job more so than a new system. I'm pretty sure I can get RB regulator similar to the omni for this valve. Replace all the existing 1812s with sam/prs ( prs not really nescessary, more so to limit waste from nozzle damage) Space them appropriately for 100% MP coverage. Combine the piping on the two zones to free up a valve. Add the new zone off that valve for the A/P bed which will be most of the perimeter which will be 3 to 8' off the bed perimeter. I think I will go with WM brass nozzles. The system will run off an ET based timer on a kiosk.

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    I"m going to try the MJs on my yard to see how they work. No real distributors for them here. Can't use poly on this job because of rabbits, rats, and squirrels.
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    MJ-are great for shrub beds fed by 3/4 inch poly. But i just don't like how they water turf yet...
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    The Maxi-Jets are a great nozzle. We had used them in the past in "drip" applications as the emitters because our former boss wanted to know what was installed was still working at a later time. With the MJs you can hear them even after the plant material has grown in.

    We also tried them on the Rainbird 1800s where there's a nozzle adapter but like someone else has already stated they're prone to getting knocked off because they didn't retract all the way. Don't know if RB has made any additional changes though.

    Last time I checked our Hunter Micro-Sprays are still working just fine.
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    I've also had great success with Plastro, Bowsmith, and some Antelco (single piece jets) products just for reference sake.
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