Who has recieved "the letter"?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dennis E., Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Dennis E.

    Dennis E. LawnSite Senior Member
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    From TGCL.
    I got mine yesterday. Good for a laugh. The main office nearby in Plant City wants to "team" up with me to improve my business.
    With the treatments and knowledge they have,(again LMAO),my accounts will be much more satisfied and make me more successful. (per the letter)
    This clown does not know but they already are doing treatments at some of my properties. Both commercial and residential.
    And they do a lousy job.
    Some of my customers have already given them the boot.

    Pretty sneaky way to try and get to our customer lists IMO.
    Nothing mentioned about what type of $$$ I would recieve either.
    What a friggin joke.
  2. J&R

    J&R LawnSite Senior Member
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    Send them a one back and say the type of work you do i will be getting all of your accounts. so just send me your list of acounts
  3. kutnkru

    kutnkru LawnSite Silver Member
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    They came thru the area not long ago and made an offer to all applicators of buying them out at $1 on the $1 which is absolutely unheard of!!!

    You might want to check with LGF as he said that WeedMan approached him with a similar offer (last year I believe) to see what they offered so you can compare notes.

    BTW with the multi-million dollar advertising budget they dont have to worry about quality cause when they lose one they replace that account with 5 more un-educated clients.

    Sad but true.
  4. JimLewis

    JimLewis LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have never even heard of such a letter before. Interesting....

    But I do know that a few years back TGCL bought out one of the largest landscape firms in our state (and the nation for that matter). This company had over a hundred employees, dozens of trucks, equipment, more landscaping business than anyone around here. And they bought it for an "undisclosed amount". But inside sources have told me the owner sold out for 13 Million.

    I tell ya, if I ever even get offered 1 or 2 million - I am outta here! My timeshare in the Bahamas would turn into a permenant residence! Pina Coladas every day in the tropical sun....... Oh, wait. I was dreaming there for a minute. LOL.

    Actually, that is truly my goal. I want to one day have so many accounts that someone decides it's better to buy me out than to try to steal my customers away. And I expect one day down the road that will happen. But who knows how soon. Gotta keep growin!!!
  5. crawdad

    crawdad LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have not gotten such a letter, but, they are advertising for help. Not "applicators,' But "SALESPEOPLE." They are looking for car salesmen!


    Sales The Nation's largest lawn care company is looking for sales minded individuals with a proven track record to join our staff. ASK ABOUT OUR SIGNING BONUS!!! Tired of selling cars? We work inside when its cold and outside when its warm! Along with a competitive base salary,$20-26K, (NO DRAW) and unlimited commissions, you'll receive stock options, 401k and profit sharing. Medical and dental benefits available. To get your share of the green, call..........
  6. Gravely_Man

    Gravely_Man LawnSite Silver Member
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    Boy some people get all the great offers!:dizzy:

  7. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You should seriously take the time to write back a letter stating the vastly known poor quality in which their company delivers and that you at no time would want to be associated with them by any means. Say you have picked up numerous amounts of work due to the lack of quality and professionalism their technicians deliver.

    Now is the perfect opportunity to at least get this big TGCL topic off a guys chest. It won't matter to them, but at least someone will have given them the opportunity to read a letter about how poor their company really is. I hope they contact me with a letter now!
  8. rkbrown

    rkbrown LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for this post !!! You gave me a new idea for marketing. When I see another lco on a street that I am working, I will jot down the address and give that address to TGCL...within 2 months I should have another customer !!! :D
  9. Clayton800

    Clayton800 LawnSite Member
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    I despise Trugreen just like the next guy, But man you guys hate em.
  10. Dennis E.

    Dennis E. LawnSite Senior Member
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    From me!
    They can kiss my $#@.
    The only thing I see from this letter is that they want to pick up new business the easy way. Thru people like me.
    Like the joke of a letter stated. I should call to make an appointment to come in to talk to who-ever.I can see it now.
    Sit down with the operations manager so he can explain how good it will be for my biz to "team" up with TGCL while the whole time he's trying to scam me to get a hold of my customer list.
    Not gonna happen.

    The one tech that does applications at one of my commercial accounts is really good. BUT,we know each other and he came from Tru-Green.Which is how we met. He knows his stuff. Never any games between us.

    Tell me how 40 hours of training makes a tech experienced.:rolleyes:

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