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  2. Todd73

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    Oldest thing I have is a Cub Cadet push mower that I bought for myself after my son was born. It's almost 15 years old. Still runs. Love those Kawasaki engines!
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  3. LawnWaffle

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    I probably don't have the oldest, but...

    My main mower is a 1997 Exmark 60" ZTR. Works great, we bought it used many years ago. Only have had to replace one hydro pump and battery. Still turns on great!

    My walk behind is a 1994 Exmark 48" belt walk behind. Works great, ideally I would like a hydro but I got this for free so I'm keeping it. I just picked up the same year for parts, but haven't used it. Only had to replace the pull cord.

    A pic of both:
  4. Ridin' Green

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    This 19" Jacobsen is 47 1/2 years old right now (1970 model) and still runs great. The JD 240 below it is 27 1/2 years old right now and also runs and mow great (1990 model). Both have been, and still are used regularly for my mowing-




  5. UpNorthMowing

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    Nash Reel mower.jpeg Old national Reel mower,

    Don't have the oldest, but might be the worst. Been flipped, on fire, seat spring has broken off countless times.
  6. Mowingman

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    I have a 1953 Huffy, 18", push mower that my grandfather bought new. It has been used for regular mowing up until 3 years ago when I retired it, (61 years of regular use). It still runs, I start it monthly and keep fuel treatment in it. The cast iron, 3.5hp, B&S engine has had one rebuild. That was in 1985. No repairs on it since then, except routine oil changes and blade sharpening.
    I retired it because I can no longer find new blades to fit on it.
    I really need to get a couple of photos of it and post them here. This little HUffy has a walkover handle, so when you get to the end of the yard, you just flip the handle over the machine, and mow the other direction, backwards so to speak. Also has a single lever that changes the mowing height at 1/4" intervals.
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  7. Fuzzy1

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    Got an aluminum deck Snapper that I bought used in 1973 ... still running ... but, with a new engine.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    BTW- both the Jac and the JD are still on their original engines, with no rebuilds for either. The Jac uses oil, the JD doesn't.
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  9. UpNorthMowing

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    We used to have Locke's at work. An employee ran it out of oil a 4 years ago and seized the engine. Mechanic tuned the engine over in the opposite rotation to break the "lip" of seized material off. Then he cycled it a couple times, started right up first pull. I don't think the oil was even changed, the mechanic hates the old lockes haha
    Boss has been using it at his house for the last couple years now.
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