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Everyone is aware of the requirement for a CDL for vehicle combos over 26,000# GVW. Not too many are aware of the requirement that any vehicle combo of 10,001# and greater is required to have a DOT number. Enforcement will be phased in by states over the next several years. Some states have even lower weight requirements for a DOT number designation.

And the regulations are based on listed GVW's of truck and trailer, not the actual weight. The most common lawn trailers have two 3500# axles, making them 7000# GVW vehicles. Is the GVW of your truck that pulls your trailer less than 3000#? Hardly, LOL.

Paper work seems hairy just to get the DOT #, and you may have to search for someone in your state offices to get you on the right track. But some of the state commercial vehicle inspectors are well aware of this requirement.


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yes you are right!

and just about everyone doesn't do this

allot of people think if their trailer isn't "maxed" out and their under the 10,000lbs that they wouldn't need to do this...
but its based on potential weight..not actual (ie: truck is 4000lbs, trailer is 2000lbs, =6000lbs + equipment (lets say?) 3000lbs...= 9000lbs ...under the 10,000lbs....but if your trailer COULD carry 1000lbs more you would need a DOT#, & physical, inspection

allot of police officers dont even know about this stuff!

even DMV in michigan is kinda dumb on the whole thing!

(you DONT want a ticket for this!!!!!)

(about the only + to havin a DOT# is u dont have to pay tax at the pump for fuel)


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Also a new requirement that has been added is that a DOT medical card is required for any driver of a truck with a gross weight of over 10,000 lbs. This is the same medical card required for a CDL driver.


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Getting a DOT number is easy. Go through the Federal DOT office in your state though. If you send the app to the Washington DC office listed on the form, it will take months.

Its all the other work that is a bigger hassle. The DOT number really doesn't affect your tax at all. If you are pulling interstate than you have to get an IFTA sticker and file fuel reports so that all states get their fair share of fuel tax. You have to keep fuel records, mileage etc. Then you also have to get the prorate plate was well.

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This is a good post. I have a local friend who owns a medium sized landscaping and tree removal service. Last year he was stropped by DOT and had violations that shut him down for almost a week, a major pain in his a**. We was found to be overweight because of the reasons above and also didn't have the required first aid kit, fire extinguisher, safety cones, chock block, blah blah blah. I have a half ton pickup and single axle trailer. After his incident I went and got my stuff straightened out at the DMV, and have my class E chauffer's license, as well as the fire ext., first aid, and well still need a few of the other things. I was totally unaware of this stuff last year, so it is good that others be aware of this potential problem.

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I looked at the Federal DOT site and my state DOT site and found no information on this, can anyone provide a link or website address for this information? I have heard this same information before and got my CDL and medical but have not got the trucks the DOT number. If you do in fact need to register it appears as though you can register online.

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my trucks are listed with the dot. I did it online and it took about 15 minutes to answer the questions and get the number.


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Unless you operate interstate (in more than one state) or operate your company in one of the following states you do not need a USDOT number.

The following states have adopted the Federal USDOT marking requirement for Intrastate motor carriers domiciled in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.


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I called highway patrol in my state and they said that you do need a USDOT if you trailer + truck combo is greater than 10,000 lbs. or if you operate interstate.

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