Who has used both...Ferris walk and Scag walk

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mow Money Lawn Care, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I have had Ferris since 2005 and I don't really have any issue with them. They last long (if you keep up on the maintenance) they cut great and they are relatively fast. I am considering buying a new mower within the next few months and I have had my eye on Scag. I will need a 61" walk behind mower. According to the specs, the Scag can go up to 7.4mph compared to the Ferris at 6mph. If it is faster and as durable (more durable I hear) it would be a no brainer for me. I would like feedback from people that have ran both the Ferris 61" comfort control DD and the Scag 61" Walk behind... new models only. I don't know if the comparison will be worth it for older models unless they haven't upgraded them much.
  2. evencut

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    Never used a Ferris, though a salesman who also sells Ferris told me that the only issue with them is that on the suspension only lasts about 300 hours. I have used Scag zturns, stand ons and walk behinds. Love them. I'm thinking about buying some for my own biz. I think they are offering some pretty sweet deals thru March. I think that they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so it comes down to money. Also, a guy on this forum gave me great advice yesterday - it comes down to dealer support.
  3. Greyst1

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    What do you mean the suspension only lasts 300 hours?
  4. GMLC

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    I have been running scag walkbehinds since the mid 90's. They really are built like tanks plus the velocity deck speaks for itself. My oldest right now is a 2006 with over 3000 hours! I run 52's with velkes.
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  5. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    Thanks. I may just test one out when I am ready to decide. I will still have my Ferris and most likely always will. But if the Scag is more efficient I may add one to my fleet.
  6. showmestaterida

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    I have had 1 older ferris 61 that I bought for backup a will ago. Sold it. Was awesome , the best thing I liked was the compact size ,short wheelbase and it was stout. Cut good for being an older mower. Looking to purchase a 60 walkbehind again. Leaning toward the ferris because of the shorter wheelbase and compact size, Also will be cutting some hills with it. I have a exmark turf tracer and it is alot longer than the ferris. Cant remember how much but I think around 1'. The snapper pros seem to be alot longer than the ferris.What is the price difference of the scagg and ferris ?
  7. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I believe Scag runs a bit more expensive. I am not exactly worried about paying a bit more. No one is running both? I was hoping for some good comparisons like fuel economy, speed, stripes, operator fatigue, ease of use, ability to lift the front end when something like a rock mole track is in the way, tire size/traction, maintenance, how often something goes wrong with them, starting every time, I guess I can go on but if anyone can touch on any of these comparisons that are currently or have recently operated both the Scag hydro walk and Ferris hydro walk, I would greatly appreciate it.

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