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    ...and how's that comparison with standard ferts going for you?? As the crow flies, I'm not that far from Memphis. I am 40 miles north of Little Rock. Weather conditions should be very comparable for you and I. How are your unirrigated lawns holding up to the "Ring of Fire" the weather channel keeps talking about? Has the Holganix helped.

    The standard fertilizers work no doubt but they work in a different approach. I want to transition to an approach where I feed the soil which in turn feed the turf. Standard fertilizers feed the plants for 6-8 weeks but need another shot. Not that an organic/natural approach is any different in the beginning but over time I noticed the lawn remains a steady color longer. There are other benefits over time like early spring green-up,less weeds,preform better in drought,requires less watering. My lawn I water maybe once a week to 10 days but deeply and can take a two foot soil probe easily 2' down. My lawn has been off synthetic fertilizers & chemicals for 4 years.
    Holganix results were seen best on shrubs. Even some customers noticed and commented on how well they looked. My worker has worked for me 13 yrs. and says this year there seems to be less insect problems. On the turf we have had mixed results but in general good overall results. To be fair to Holganix,results improve with use. I have applied 3 times this year. I want to try SumaGreen for remaining treatments. With Holganix saved money on fertilizer reduction (80%) and chemicals (about 30%) plus combined treatments since we sprayed and saved labor costs and time.We think lawns that have little organic matter for the microbes to feed upon did not respond well. A number of yards I have applied compost topdressing or compost tea and they did well. Don't expect a super green color as with Urera (46-0-0). I have added 1/4 lb. of Urea with my Holganix treatments per acre as well as a product that allows urea to go further.
    As for drought,most all of my customers have irrigation. We are discovering in drought where irrigation is not reaching or they are not waterings deep enough or too frequent. A good opportunity to train customers how to properly water. I think irrigation companies don't like me as a result.
    I am also trying to rid my stock pile of synthetic fertilizer and if I have customers without irrigation they probably get the standard treatment.Again my worker commented the yards seem to be holding up in drought and really came back and shined with the occasional rain. We are not in the drought conditions you are experiencing in Arkansas.
    Some yards have dead zoysia on slopes that have no irrigation. In 2010 Memphis went 6 weeks without a drop of rain in August-September and the damage was seen in summer 2011 mostly because customers WITH irrigation were watering 20-25 minutes at 3 to 4 times a week and the roots went to the surface where the relentless day & night temperatures hurt them. Then due to the stress fungus developed on a number of yards. Mainly
    Take all patch which I had never seen in zoysia or bermuda since I began doing this work in 1989. (This analysis of Take All was given by UT using a sod sample.)
    Organic is frustrating because efforts can be trumped by improper watering and mowing practices. I pursue it because the field is opening up with new products that make it feasible but more so because I take interest in how soil works. It is how the Lord intended it to be and I am learning to work with nature instead of against it. I seek to learn how life works without becoming part of the naive green movement.
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    I e-mailed one of the businesses from Texas that is featured on the Sumagreen website and the owner operator e-mailed me some pictures of a couple of lawns that have been treated with nothing but Sumagreen and 1/8 lb of N all year. They have a 7 app program. These are Bermuda lawns. Of course, there were a few weeds...(The tech and I would have a discussion about that:laugh:)one of my pet peeves so thats one of the first things I see, but, overall, they looked pretty good. I would forward the e-mail to those that request it and PM their e-mail address to me.
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    Organic is frustrating because efforts can be trumped by improper watering and mowing practices. [/QUOTE]

    So if a person does not water during this past summer's drought, do the microbes in the soil die or get severely reduced?
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    I mowed my common bermuda test area this morning at 3 inches, then gave all areas 1/4-1/2 inch irrigation. This afternoon, I applied Sumagreen and another mineral product alone and together in good soil and terrible soil at label rates. I will get some preliminary pictures in the morning.
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    Hello Ted
    Can you tell anything yet on the sprayed areas
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    It has only been a week. I have not seen any changes to speak of in the areas I have sprayed compared to areas of my lawn that were left untreated. I used a backpack and sprayed low volume. We have received a little rain and I have watered some so there has been improvement, but there has been improvement in the whole lawn overall. I am wondering if it would do better sprayed at higher volume. I also wonder if it just needs more time. I used no urea in the mix and sprayed product only in an effort to see how the product itself would perform.

    I don't want to be "Danny Downer" and say the product doesn't work but would love to see and read about more results others have had.

    I have searched high and low on the net for reviews of the product by others and there just isn't anything out there really.

    At this point, I don't know what to think....
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    SumaGreen is not a miracle product. It takes some time to work and is not meant to be a one time application. The first application should be at double rate or with about 1/8lb N for quicker visible results. After that it should be applied at 6 week interviews. Those who are using SumaGreen in conjunction with organic based ferts are seeing very good results.

    This years results will be compiled this winter.
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    Yes Barry,
    I knew this before I applied it. That's why I said "I don't know what to think" People ask on here because they want to know and of course, everyone would like to see/know results sooner than later. I would like to be able to apply this product this fall in an effort to help the root systems of the lawns here. It has been a devastating year for them. Then use it again in the Spring in the hopes that by then some actual, noticeable good would be the result. It's just difficult to take that "leap" of faith with very little out there to go by other than what their website projects. It's also difficult for me to make an objective conclusion when the lawns have struggled so much this year. They can't help but look better when they get the first little bit of rain they've had in months. Is it the rain or the sumagreen...who knows?? That's why at this point, in all fairness, there's no way I could give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down

    I'd really like to see some people that have used it this season post more about their experiences with this product.
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    Sorry Ted,

    My post was really intended for other readers who may have unrealistic expectations or who may claim it's a snake oil for not working immediately. I always like to stress the importance of complete programs rather than relying on a single product.

    You're taking the best approach by testing a small amount and reporting back to others. Thanks for doing so.

    Have you taken root samples now to compare with next spring?
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    Sorry, wasn't trying to jump the gun. I was just wondering. Sometimes they make these things sound like you should see results fairly quick, like the one photo they show after 19 days. As everyone in my area, that has the heavy clay soils, we are always looking for good root dept. If this really would help that I am all for it. The Bermuda will use up nitrogen pretty quick but the P and K [especially the P] gets bound up in our soil so adding more is not going to help and with the soil being alkaline not much is available anyway.

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