Who has used union labor for contract jobs before?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Jun 27, 2012.

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    We may be getting a job in south jersey in September that we bid on recently and is using union labor. I know our prices are competitive and should hear from them soon, but my main question is how does their payroll work?

    I've heard that if they work M-F, by friday afternoon, you need to pay the union hall their check for all of their wages on the spot. Our own crew goes Friday-thursday on weekly payroll, which is then paid that following Friday, which gives us time to do all the office work of cutting the checks, checking hours etc. Is this really the case?

    I understand that if we schedule 6 guys to work M-F, and they're calling for rain wed, thurs & Fri, they still show up each day, and you still pay them for 2hrs each day you don't need them, can you still have them work the 2hrs or you just need to send them home before the 2hrs is up?

    Will they work longer than 8hrs in a day, and is that considered default overtime even if their weekly never hits 40hrs?

    Is the standard 7-3pm with a 1hr paid lunch break?

    I'll need to work out with them, that if we have 3-6 of their crew working, how many of our own company employees can work, what limitations i would have as the owner and if we have to stop by 3pm each day when they go home or what we can/can't do when they're not there... trust me, seen all the protests on the sides of jobsites because the unions unhappy with something.
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    You think you have problems with USM ,just wait.
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    they get paid the last day they work.. the day you lay them off you pay them for 8 hours but they leave at 7 hours, so they can go cash there check.. they get overtime after 8 hours as well...

    depending how long the job is you may have to post a bond for the fringe benefits as well..

    they'll probably make you take a shop steward and he is the "last man on the job" so hes gonna be there the whole time anyone from you company works.

    now if its a total union job, your going to need operators for all your equipment and depending on the size of the project you could need a teamsters agreement as well....

    good luck.
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    I'll add in a little too as far as your own employees go, while on the site they are basically considered the same as the union members, they have to be paid union pay (unless you all ready pay more) and work union hours.
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    thats great.. not that we don't have a descent few guys, but they'd literally work for two weeks and take off the rest of the summer then :/ ... no kidding!

    Meeting with the union next week to go over everything, thanks for the heads up on the info, some of it i've heard before but its good to hear it all over again in bulk
  6. GreenI.A.

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    We did a install last year on a site that I needed to pay the employees union rates. The guys loved it, but boy did they b**** when we were done and their pay dropped back down to the standard rate
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    I use my own guys for the rate pay work we do. Excavating work. We do not hire from the hall because we have are own guys that could use the $50 an hour.

    The way it works is this. The pay rate is set by the union for the specif job at hand. You will get the pay rate in the spec book when bidding the job. This pay rate includes the pay and the supplemental pay that includes the benefit package (health care and pension) The split is about 50% / 50% so with my work it adds up too $48/hr. for basic labor in heavy highway category.

    You have to pay that rate to your employees if you don't offer pension and health care. You will also have to include a certified parole signed by you with pay role check copies included in your application for payment.

    It is not that hard once you get the paper work down.

    You will also have to have 10hr OSHA card and so will eveyone working on the job for jobs over $250,000 total.

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