Who here is from MN?

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by R&E PROPERTY MAINT., Mar 16, 2003.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    Forest Lake area here too.... J & H Outdoor Services. 16+ years now.
  2. VanceTrendov

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    Give me a Call and leave your contact informations so we can talk. This is my first year and i live in eden prairie but do alot of work everywhere.

    Vance Trendov
    LV Lawn & Landscaping
  3. Forest

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    Livin' it up in Minnesota:D
  4. CGLC

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    Hi, I'm from the St. Paul area. Looking for a bigger used or new trailer to buy 6 x 12 or bigger. Any help would be much appreciated. This will be concluding my first year in the business and i using the profit to pay my way through school any subcontracting would be much appreciated. Also I was wondering what your leaf cleanup rates were per person/hour.

    David 651-206-8456 Thanks
  5. MN Wildwood

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    Hi David

    I have bought my trailers from Acr Trailer, there is one near hastings and one in Shakopee, occationally they will have used trailers for sale. Are you going to school for lawn/landscape or something else. I'm located in burnsville but do quite a bit of work in mendota heights. write back. Erik (MN Wildwood)
  6. jccordes2

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    I am in the market for a 16 foot trailer, I am selling my 12ft. it's a very heavy duty nice looking steel trailer with a 4 ft drop down ramp. it's got a 5K LB axel on it. with 2 ft steel sides, new treated plywood inside.
    As far as Leaf clean ups it's all on what type of equipment you have. If you have a large vac and a dumper, you can charge a bit more and take you less time? I have a been questimating and trying to stay with in around $75 an hour for clean ups. it's been working pretty well.
  7. CGLC

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    Hi Erik

    Nice to meet people that are in the same area of interest. Thank you for your response. I am currently finishing up my AA. I have not totally decided on what to major in yet but I have narrowed it down into two fields. Law enforcement on the Federal level, or business( which would apply greatly to my small lawn service). As for the help with the trailers (THANKS) what are the names of the dealerships and where exactly are they. Finally, what do you think the would be a better size 6x12 or 6x16. I currently own a 48 inch Lesco walk behind and just today bought a new 36 inch walk behind. I would like to down the road if i get large enough buy a 62 inch zero turn but that is only if i acquire the larger accounts
  8. CGLC

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    As i aked Erick above and maybe you would know too, with the equipment i have would a 6x12 foot trailer sufice or would i latter on down the road be undersizing my self like i did with the 5x8. But anyway how much are you asking for your trailer?.
    In response to my leaf system i have a trac- vac attached to my 48 inch mower. The kind with a can to dump with, and being in the cities I useally have to haul the leaves away to the local composte site.
  9. CGLC

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  10. MN Wildwood

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    Check your private mail, I'll write you there. Erik

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