Who in Fla does Aquatic Weed Control???

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Oct 9, 2011.

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    From time to time I have questions about Aquatic work. Therefore I am curious as to how many Florida Members do Aquatic Weed control Spraying. This is a Chapter 487 Ag License that is not hard to get. BUT I think learning pond management is twice as hard as Turf management.
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    To my understanding, that license allows you to apply Restricted use pesticides, however there are none with an aquatic label. So theoretically you can do work in aquatics now if you like. Dont quote me on that. I hire an aquatics co for one of my properties and IMO its much easier than L&O. They do some hand hand pulling, and selectively spray with backpacks. I believe they charge quite abit more than they need to because they are a niche. Seems like a business with a high profit margin.
    In horse country, the town requires the owners to maintain a littoral shelf as a buffer. So a lot of the farms have an aquatics company maintaining the ponds.
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    I have had the Aquatic certification for a while now. Yep our fine bureaucratic system requires a College degree to kill dandelions but any one can do Aquatic weed kill without a license. However most HOA and commercial business want to see a certification. Also to get the Permits you need for larger lakes you must be certified. To be honest the test is so easy and good for 4 years that I retest instead of getting the CEU. And in a ROW certification and there is a nice Niche market. Add in a L&O and GHP for Ants and that is the market I am after. BTW I am also Licensed Nuances Wildlife Trapper and I offer Cotton Mouth removal from ponds.

    The reason for posting was to ask about Estimating large Lakes. I took the shot gun approach and ask every where. I found 3 different Aquatic People who were willing to help me for free and over the Phone. All 3 gave the same answer and from 3 different parts of the state. The one guy was in fact already doing the HOA Lakes I wanted to bid on. I promised not to bid them and he was kind enough to help me. I can break the trust of this person he is now my go to guy.

    There is money Aquatic work. But to do any real size contracts the State requires a ton of Paper work before issuing a permit. This process has become increasingly harder. Up to a couple of years ago I could get Permits on line by filling out forms and then printing my Permit. Today it is an act of congress and a waiting period while a State FWC official come out and inspects the site. All kinds of Graphs and Maps must also be provided.
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    My bad. Negatives escape me and Many times I don't make state negative when I should.

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