Who is an under-20 member?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pizpoppa, Sep 5, 2000.

  1. Pizpoppa

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    As a 17 year old lawn mower, I was curious to find out if I am in the minority or majority. Just let me know and add a little something interesting that could provide us rookies with some helpful information if you want, like how many customers, equipment, etc. Thanks.
  2. SMB

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    I'm only 13! My Dad and I have a mowing "business" in Southwest VA. We are gradually getting commercial eqipment and next year we are going to try to get more business, but for the past 1 (ALMOST 2) years we have gone by word-of-mouth only and not TRIED to get more yards. We (I) started last year with a Massey Ferguson MF7 which is (WAS, not in use now) in awful shape, and a Lowes 12 HP 38 inch cut and a Homelite curved shaft trimmer and some junk push mowers. We used to really be "SCRUBS" but we have always tried to do a good job. I have a post in the Who, What, Where board near the end of the thread.
  3. stslawncare

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    I will be 15 tomarrow. worked a lot mowing last year but do to parents separating i am taking this year off (moved). concentrating on learning and getting equip this year. ive learned more then any school teach me at lawnsite. i know there are atleast 5 other younger kids on this forum to.
  4. kenneybros

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    hey im 18
    Ive been mowing lawns since i was about 8 maybe younger mabye older. i started just "helping" my dad push the mower in our yard. He has azma(sorry about spelling... I have no idea so i just wrote it phanetically)well anyways he had a hard time mowing the lawn plus i liked to do it so i mowed our lawn and then i got my grandmothers lawn I did her lawn for about 4-5 years 5 years ago so thats why i think i was 8 when i started. More recently 3 summers ago i knocked on a neighbors door and asked if he needed someone to mow his lawn. He let out a little laugh and explained that he owned his own landscaping company. He said that he loved to see kids making money so he said "sure." soon after that he asked i wanted to work for him and i worked all summer I learned a lot, but nothing really about mowing i only actually mowed my first day there. I worked at the stump dump he owned. I learned to operate loaders and bobcats and dump with a pto dump I fixed the machines changed the oil, even did an engine swap on an f150, also i fixed and maintained the morbark grinder. If you dont know what a grinder is its what they grind the stumps and brush up with. It had like a 300 horse cat engine, the actual cutters where like 2x4 inches and there where like 20 or 30 of them that wore down-broke off often and u had to change them. It was a great job even though the boss was actually a crook and probably on crack.
    last summer i began looking for a new job and stumbled upon one for a guy that does mostly maintainance. It was a good job as well i learned a ton and worked there again this summer. During the last 3 years I worked for landscapers i continued to have like 4-5 regular mowing customers... and they will miss me when i leave in 7 days for the U.S. Airforce.
  5. The Mowman

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    17 Here!
  6. little green guy

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    i'm 16. I have my own landscape co. We do 25 lawns which takes about 1.5-2 days in the summer and the other 3 days we do landscape instals, fert, and other stuff like that. During school i cut back and only do lawns and cleanups. I usually have between 3and6 workers. I don't have my lisence yet so acouple of my friends with pickups work for me. I am getting my lisence in the spring. I am planning on bying a chevy 3500 pickup in acouple of months. I also have worked for another landscaper for 3 years, thats how i learned everthing. I still work for him when i am slow or can let my workers wotk by themselves.

    Some of my major equip:
    1-6.5x12 tandem trailer
    1-52" scag hydro w/ velke
    1-48" bobcat
    2-36" exmarks w/velke
    2-echo trimmers
    1-redmax backpack
    1-stihl backpack
    1-8 hp giant vac push
    1-5 hp push
    1-mclain push edger
    2-21" trim mowers
    1-echo hedge trimmer
    1-green machine hege trimnmer
    -tons of handtools, wheeel barrels, spreaders and elctric saws, drills, grinders, mechanic tools.

    i'm also planning on bying another push blower for fall

    BTW- happy birthday stslawn

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  7. rosco2350

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    Im 18 and I have been mowing for about five years. If you mow in a small or large subdivision do the best job you can and people will see that you do a great job of mowing. Get along with your customers as much as possible no matter what because they will usually tell other people how nice of a person you are and tell people how good of a job you do is when you will start rolling in the dough. Remember, the better job you do and pleasing the customer is a number one priority in suceeding in a business.
  8. Turf Kutter

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    I`m 13 trying to get prepared for next summer 2001 to start a part time lawn business.I am not too sure how to start but I would like to be ready before than after.What 21inch walkbehind should I get to start off?I have the other equip but I think I should start with a 21inch remember down here in Florida gates are small especially in my area.Would a 6.5 snapper or toro.I am lucky because I have a whole bunch of dealers around here very close dealers 3 of them in a miles range of my house but how should I start?I think I will try using flyers but I don`t want too much customers planning on 10-15 to start off no big rush for me to get a thousand lawns just a few does this sound good?????Thanks for your time guys.
  9. Scag48

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    I guess I'm in this crowd too. I just turned 14 and am planing for next year. I got started this year, the year before just mowed one lawn by request from a friend. All I can say is whoever is working when they're young is a good thing. I hear alot of people saying that our generation is lazy and that is the last thing I want someone to tell me.;) Turf Kutter-I'm in the market for a 21" or a larger walk-behind. For a 21", I would choose Toro. Ain't nothin' better. If I get another Toro, I'm getting the commercial model. I think I'd get the 6.5 GTS 3 speed with a BBC. Good luck with the purchase. Keep cuttin' guys.:)
  10. chrisbolte

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    19 Been in the business since I was about 12. Have over 100 full time accounts. Multiple commerical walk behinds and a zero turn. I also provide mulching services. Most important thing for new companies is to always keep the customer happy! Good luck to all.

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