Who is everyone using to find employees?



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So they expect the UI to be paid twice?

what about subs
You need to pay theirs too?

the geek you had didn’t know what they were talking about.

what if you used temps a lot?
I’d get temp agency on the phone in the future
especially if you plan to do it more often.
Why pay it twice moving forward?
I guess so.

They didn't say/I didn't ask about subs.

I don't plan on using temps, this was a "one off" situation. Probably just Maryland trying to rip me off....as usual.


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I guess so.

They didn't say/I didn't ask about subs.

I don't plan on using temps, this was a "one off" situation. Probably just Maryland trying to rip me off....as usual.
well probably.

Years ago I couldnt sell "installation" for the life of me, I always got under bid.
I had a very strong maintenance division but not steady construction/installation.
I found a niche refurbishing athletic fields, problem with that was, there isnt back to back ball fields to work on like that: so I had 3-4 weeks of work, then nothing, then 5 weeks, then nothing.

I used labor ready for 3/4 of the work on those projects when they happened.
What if the situation were to come up like that, in the future?

Im just syaing, before you ever might have to do it again (especially in any volume) you'd need to know what the deal is!
Im sure there are plenty of businesses that do use temps, or those places wouldnt be in business.


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I’m just a employee.. but for you owners has this industry not seen any price increases to support the wages needed to pay? Everything has gone up in price everywhere except thus industry? If so that’s pretty troubling for the future.


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@eggy my thoughts are with the guys pulling a low number out of the air this will continue.

we all understand the low cost “leaders” tend to fizzle out, there’s just 20 more guys to take their place that are going to be “ the next big thing” in the industry.

a parallel problem is that these types plant the seed to a portion of the public that the cheap price is “ the price” and will just look for the next cheap price when the current guy gives up. My observations.


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Asked a friend of mine to put a notice out to all her Facebook friends. This morning my #2 guy quit. Said his back had started hurting. He also said he may or may not come back, he will let me know sometime. He was at almost $15 an hour. So now I'm down to a solo guy trying to cut 150+ lawns a week, me spraying and a scheduling person. Last year I had 3 on the mow crew, year before that I had 4 on the mow crew. Looks like I'm screwed LOL. And we have been picking up tons of new business. If Facebook doesn't produce quickly going to ask all of my customers if they know of anyone. May do that anyway.


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I have used Zip Recruiter in the past with some luck but they try to get you into a relatively expensive monthly commitment.

Crags list has in the past generated some good contacts and I have gotten a few from FB as well.

Like others mentioned, even before covid most people were not looking for work or some wanted cash under the table for various reasons. That is a none starter with me. Many do not have valid licenses or a clean driving record.

I am now working on a webpage to advertise job openings.