Who is John Deere?


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I got an eamail from a guy who said he was with lawnsite when it started. He said his name was John Deere. He also said he left because of some well lets say controversial people. Has anyone heard of him? Just trying to figure it out. Oh yeah if john deere reads this why dont u come back. U seemed like an alright guy. <br>-Nick


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John deere left because some people disagreed with his point of view. Some people find it offensive when you don't agree with them or point out what you think are errors. Sometimes its the way you point out errors that is the problem. Like when Lazor called the responses to a previous post unprofessional. When he could have just pointed out the errors and been done with it. But John deere and Retro and the rest should come back and not take things so personally and defend their point of view and not be afraid to admit when you are wrong. And not back down when you think you are right on a subject.


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Go here and clear the fog:<p>http://www.lawnsite.com/cgi-bin/bigtalker/discussion.cgi?forum=1&discussion=1249<p>Then read:<p>http://www.lawnsite.com/cgi-bin/bigtalker/discussion.cgi?forum=1&discussion=1295<p>Bill


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Please do not confuse him with Deere John from Canada

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