Who is starting a lawn business because of getting laid off?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GreenMan33, Feb 21, 2013.

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    The first year is the hardest. They drop like flys when the snow comes. You have to save the winters bills or pay up front. Most new guys don't think like that. Then if a drought hits they move back in with family . I love that people have the drive to try and make it. That's the American dream. My problem is the guys who bid too low. That's when it hurts all of us. Cuz it's us guys who have to explain why it cost more to do it rite .
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    My first year was horrid. Last year my second was better. This year I hope is even better. I've noticed in my area that as soon as Labor Day comes around some people get the mentality that summer is over and had said we don't need our lawn cut anymore this year. They don't think that grass still grows after that!
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    Look up Sydney Lawn Care. He is the go to guy For all things lawn enterprise
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  4. Vanderhoff Landscaping

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    Lol! I saw him trolling around in another thread earlier!
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    we probally won't see him for a while, he's gonna be to busy putting out thosd 300k flyers and counting his millions.
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    That is just not right, what if he does a search for his name? This thread will be finished
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    I'm young (22yrs old) and married with three year old twins. I've always watched my neighbors lawn care guys growing up and talked to them about lawn care ever since I was little. I've always loved mowers and cutting grass but I never thought I would be doing it for a living. I honestly didn't think there was a demand for lawn care.

    I did lawn care with a friend during high school and worked a few regular jobs but would prefer to be cutting grass and started doing it full time because I love it. I love being outside and being my own boss and of course love cutting grass.

    In my area there's tons of lawn care business's popping up and to be quite honest its getting hard to compete. Everywhere I go I see an SUV, small pick up, even cars with lawn care equipment with advertisement. Its hard to compete because supply is almost as much as demand and it sucks for the guys like me who actually love it.
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    There are a few ways this seems to happen.

    One you saw the layoff coming and began planning for this in the months or even years prior to losing the job.

    Two you got laid off and went into planning mode and made your move while you still had plenty of unemployment left. In other words you picked your start time you didn't let poverty pick it for you.

    Three you looking for other jobs and failed to find any your unemployment is gone and you say hey this looks easy ill give it a shot. This has the disadvantage of poor planning and the expected out come of one major mistake after another. But it does have one bright spot you got nothing to lose you have burned all the bridges behind you now failure will mean your life and thats a powerful motivator to most sane people.

    I do like that this thread is coming out in February and not July and August. At the very least you got your timing right.

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    I don't have a problem with someone doing this to make a living , in some economy's its tough to get another job and I commend people for trying to work , after all if the new guy is priced to low thats there problem , the work is the same so if they do not price the accounts properly they will eather learn or fail. Yea it sucks to hear from a customer we found someone cheaper , but honestly every time that has happened to me the next year they are looking for some one else or calling back mid season cause they guy can't take the heat , got hurt , etc and after this usually makes a customer more loyal. There is a place and need for each sized business in the whole spectrum. The people that use the LOW BALLERS as they are called are not the type of customers a larger company wants anyhow. Plus I think the low baller , ureliable types make every one else look good. just my opinion. I say go for it , but the one thing that bothers me is the people doing things without the correct licenses , what is fair is fair and all should be held accountable , if you are new to the industry and all you have is a business license do not offer fertilizer apps etc , everyone should pay there dues in this area , and this is the part that I think needs improvement. I don't care if a guys wants to start a lawn care business but you need to do things the right way , and this is more on our code enforcement etc than on anyone. After all they get enough o our money in taxes etc. anyhow they should be able to make shure people are legit when doing business. I am not saying if you catch someone who doesent have the correct license they should be shot , just make shure they are required to get the correct license. That way the playing field is level , My issue is with city and state. Just my opinion though. What I am trying to say out of all this rambling is start your business but do it right , pay your dues , then everything else will play out.

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    Yes this sucks but I think your disgust is mis placed if the city and state would enforce business requirements half of these so called businesses would not be around the problem is that people that do it right have tons of extra expense and the new guys many times know they can get away with doing it the wrong way. Just my opinion though if this is happening in your area call your city and your state demand acountability and they will laugh at you but this is all you can do.

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