who is the biggest baddest collection agency

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sfddelta1, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I have a customer that is trying welsh on 20 grand

    need to get it collected

  2. PTP

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    Do you have a judgment against them or have you not gotten that far with them yet? It makes a huge difference.

    If you don't have a judgment, go get one. Take them to court and get your judgment (hopefully) and then you will have a legal basis for collecting.
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    How does that happen ($20K behind)?

    I'm not questioning it happened. Just curious as to how.
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    Yea sometimes you can eat it but not 20k that is the reason to go to court the collection agency's harass with calls and letters but if you have no intention to pay they are impudent. You could waste and entire year with them get no where and they would still expect part of the court settlement if you collect afterwords. Also when i did try collections they would settle with out authorization all the time so 1000 might settle for 600 and then they take half. So 20-30 cents on the dollar was my experience Never again.
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    20,000.00 you dont need a collection agent, you need an attorney.

    you do know if you win judgment. you can hire the sherriffs dept. to come in a take there posseions,

    items like the refridge, but NOT the food,
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    HAHAHA:laugh: take the fridge but we better not catch you eating last night's leftovers!

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