who is truly solo?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ozarkbilly, May 3, 2014.

  1. The Don'z

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    Solo here for the past 3 years, not making a lot of $ yet, but working on it, down here in south Texas lawn mowing companies are a "dime a dozen" so I've started offering Swimming Pool and Spa care and repairs (everything except the plaster)
  2. jaybow

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    Solo for 7 years, its been ok, but if you want to grow large enough to make good money you will need help. My full time job is at risk this year so I have grown some by advertising this year. I service 43 properties, 11 of witch are bi-weekly.
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  3. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    That depends on your definition of "good money," your lifestyle, if your spouse works, kids, etc, etc.

    I'm solo, have never had more than 30 yards a week, and snow plow in the winter. I work 2-3 days a week. I sometimes do a landscape type job. In the winter I scratch my butt til it snows. I have a home. I have no debts. I have a kid and 2 step kids with 1 in college. I have no money issues at all.

    So, it just depends.
  4. jaybow

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    My wife is sick and doesn't work. I need to make $65,000 and up, and I stress the up. Nobody is living very well off $30,000. I have in the past years for the most part stayed around 25 properties. If I loose my job at the plant, my first goal will be to shoot for 100. But in the distant, but not so distant future I will shoot for 180 to 200, with a couple helpers obviously.
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  5. stonebridge

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    solo for all 4 years.
    have full tiime job 38 hours a week and have 39 lawns to cut a week plus the next door people that come out and ask for a one time cut (usually another 3-5 lawns a week). cut tues. to sat. and hope i can get it all done. i enjoy sundays with family and spend monday after work getting ready for tuesday. tired but know when winter comes i rest (no snow for me)
  6. weeze

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    depends where you live. down here $30k a year is a decent salary. cost of living is much lower here than up there where you are.
  7. billythekid

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    I mow 50 or so lawns and fert about 25 (just started fert this year) Bit the bullet and bought a Permagreen which was a great investment. I also attend college full time in spring/fall which is a 45 minute drive each way. I like being on my own because most lawns i have a system of how to get them done quickly and keep quality up. I think the key is to trim the fat at the end of the season and get to a point where you have only weekly accounts that you are comfortable on price. At some point I would like to have more fertilizer than mowing.
  8. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    I was a full time fireman and gave that up to start my business. Worked driving a truck local and this season decided I would be full time lawn care, so I quit the other job. I'm solo and like some others, it's tough to get going sometimes and staying focused, but so far I am loving that I made this step in life. I truly believe this is what God wants me to do.
  9. StanWilhite

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    The "perfect price" is when the LCO walks away thinking, "sucker!!!......I would have done it cheaper than that"!!!!!
    And the customer walks away thinking, "sucker!!!......I would have paid more than that to have it done"!!!

    Now that's the perfect price! :laugh:
  10. StanWilhite

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    I'm trying to picture what a butt looks like when it "snows"?? Is that painful?? :dizzy::drinkup:

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