Who knows Kohler engines?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Mar 12, 2008.

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    My Walker MCGHS has a KOHLER 16 horse single. The engine is labeled as an M16AQS-711562. The replacement engine is very expensive($1,700). It has a broken connecting rod but it didn't punch threw the block or damage anything else. It appears they built this engine specifically for Walker. Kohler has other 16 Horse singles but not with the same #s. Does anyone know if a connecting rod from another 16 horse Kohler would get me back in business. I don't have $1,700 for a new motor when I could just put a $35 rod in and be back in business.
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    I assume that parts can be ordered for that engine at a Kohler dealer. You just need to make sure what ever caused the rod to fail (Oil level?) is fixed, and chances are if one broke and its a twin, the other maybe close to breaking as well. Also if I was going to tear into the engine I would consider throwing a set of oversized rings in it, may buy you a bit more time. You could also do a complete rebuild and have the block bored.
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    You can get a new rod from any Kohler dealer. But, There is a old style rod and piston and a newer style.

    If you have the old style you can no longer get it, You must buy the new style piston and rod in which you would want new rings as well and re-cross hatch the cylinder before installing.

    If you have the new style piston and rod all you have to buy is the rod, You can also get a 0.010" under sized rod as well if the crank did need to be machined under to clean it up.

    The old style piston has a longer skirt and flat indent areas on each side where the wrist-pin bore is.

    The new style piston has a shorter skirt and is completely smooth all the way around where the wrist-pin bore is.

    I tried to post a pic of the two pistons but it wouldn't let me save it.....
  4. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Thanks for the info. My machine is a 1993, so I'm guessing its newer style on that enigine. Once I get the engine apart I'll know for sure. I was almost considering stretching the motor mount area by a few inches and changing over to a Honda twin 18 horse. It would take different belts and so rewelding but I think it could be done.
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    This is the problem with engine mfg'ers is they apparently (and possibly conveniently) fail to provide us with backwards referencing... That is, they are constantly discontinuing older engine models and produce the new ones without letting us know whether or not they'll work, meanwhile we're stuck looking at those ridiculous price tags for an exact replacement.

    Not to fault the mfg'er entirely, I also don't particularly care for dealers who conveniently (and this time it is convenient) fail to go the extra step, although from a business owner's point of view I do understand the reason... Either way this is just how it is, whether I like it or not.

    I'd have to guess it's like they say, convenience costs.
    Because I have to admit, one phone call and 1700 later it's over, that is very convenient.

    If you want to save money you'll have to do some research, need to find out vertical or horizontal, shaft size, ES or recoil, really all the specs on your current engine... Once these specs are known it's not so bad, you might have to pick a different hp but new 16-18 hp's are currently selling for 475 - 1400 (of course it depends what kind your machine needs, don't get too excited but you can easily save at least a few hundred).

    Get us the specs on that engine of yours, then we can start looking.
    And yes, with specs, more is better :)
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    He gave the model and spec number right off....

    While I'm not as familiar with the Walker line it would be my guess the unit is driven off a special crankshaft, Stub on the normal PTO end and drives off the flywheel side. If this is the case that would cause the higher replacement engine cost because they are not very common.
  7. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Today I found a local small engine repair guy that can get the correct replacement parts(new)for pretty cheap($120). The rod broke 3 spots and it smashed the piston to hell on the bottom. I should be back in business before grass starts growing here.
  8. Restrorob

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    Good Deal.....[​IMG]
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    Yes but I'm not cross-referencing this stuff no more, I did for a while but why should I have to go through the hour or so of research to match up new to old, give me all the specs like crankshaft size and what have you then I'll look it up. I don't have any magical mystery tools here, I have to do this the same painstaking way everyone else does, via google and playing with the search terms and digging through the results, it is a pita.

    Of course by the time you get all the info you can just DIY but maybe that's what it takes... It is no easier for me to figure out what new engine is going to match some x-many year old model just based on the number off the plate, I need all the measurements if I'm to do it.
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    Tops, Maybe you missed this so I put it in bold for you.....

    As you can see WHIPPLES did not ask for help finding a replacement engine. But, Asked if his could be repaired in which I replied yes (with posted info) because I have performed the SAME repair many times and never had one come back broken again.

    Since you made your post after the questions were answered and WHIPPLES had already located the proper parts for the repair MUCH cheaper than buying any new engine at any price, I spent less than two minutes looking this up for you;


    Ohhh Yeahhh......The "Magical Mystery Tools" are great !!! That's the advantage of being a Service Technician and working for a Dealer....[​IMG] :waving:

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