Who leaves invoices?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 16, 2007.


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    A friend of mine was commenting on how many invoices I leave rather than collect on the spot. It makes my job easier and I don't worry too much about not collecting. Who prefers instant pay versus a little of both?
  2. JB1

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    who doesn't like instant pay, but most of the work we do we don't see the people, there out working during the day.
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    I think we are an even mix of leaving/collecting, we will make sure to collect on first time customers but after we establish a relationship w/a client it doesn't matter. Amazingly most customers like paying on the spot.

    The only thing we make sure to collect on are a) first time clients b) quoted add ons and such.
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    Of course I prefer to be paid on the spot, but not always practical. If we worked on the system multiple days do to this-and-that, we will mail a bill. If I'm running behind in my schedule, same thing. I've said this before, I waste more time trying to collect on the spot than if I bill from the office. Billing on the spot is when the customer starts talking to me about everything, and then they remember "oh yeah can you reset the controller for, hmmmm... let me think how do I want it set", or "what do you think about this spot here", and other blah, blah, blah moments that waste my time and screw up my schedule.

    I do have one PITA that still owes me $400 from March, and I can't get ahold of her by phone, and statements come back with handwritten saying "not here". But I have only had a small handful of non-payers in 13 years.
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    Door Hanger invoice envelopes work pretty well.
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    Another good reason to mount clocks outdoors.....snicker, snicker.:rolleyes:
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    Only useful when utilizing the contractor (control) lockout (CLO ™) feature
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    If the client isn't home how do you get approval on what to repair. A lot of the repairs we do are in the gray area of needing to be done or not. With the customer home I can get his opinion/approval and then there's never any question on overcharging when we're done. If you're leaving a bill don't aren't you opening yourself to more complaints about not really needing to be fixed or taking too long?
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    It's called a cellular telephone. It uses a battery and no wires. Ya might try one. Seriously though, if repairs are above what was expected, we will call them. If they are good regular customers, they know we aren't going to screw them. I have NEVER been called out on overcharging someone, or not doing work that was billed.

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