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Who let the dogs out who - who- who who


LawnSite Member
Just wondering if any one has ever been attacked by a dog, cat, horse, bird, etc. before while mowing a property? I was cornered one time by a black lab. He insisted that he was going to eat me alive. But after giving him a haircut and a couple of pierce ears with my Echo 3100, he decided to retreat!

little green guy

LawnSite Senior Member
One propery we do has a dobberman and a pit bull, they don't seen to like me very much and arn't scared of anything either. they bite at the tires of the mower and I've had some real close calls on my butt too. They also bite the trimmer line and have even stopped to thimmer line dead in it's track before. I hate those dogs!


LawnSite Senior Member
Fruita, colorado
I've had two very close calls. Once on the mower and once going into a back yard. Ever since the mower incident I've thought the ztr would make a great bat to send the puppy flying. I never worry if I've got the trimmer with me but still...it just looks bad for the lawnguy to be locked in a battle to the death with the beloved family pet!:)


LawnSite Senior Member
Nacogdoches, TX
I had a little whippy-snappy dog that proceeded to charge while I was edging with a trimmer. He put on the brakes, but not soon enough. I edged right on through is nose.

Premo Services

LawnSite Bronze Member
A couple years ago a customer had a large,old dog and he was mean. they had a electric fence around property and when I would finish they would let him out and the dog would run, growling real mean at me,until he came to the electric fence. One day I was riding on the sulky cutting and the husband accidently let him out and he charged at me,when I seen him he was just about to get a chunk of my leg,so I quickly put my size 10 1/2 redwing boots out and kicked him hard in the mouth. Boy did that dog yelp and ran back to the owner,mouth bleeding bad. now when I do that property the dog is always out and he goes to other side of house that I am not working and stays there until I am finished. :) I guess you can "teach an old dog new tricks",but I still keep an eye on him and my boots are ready. :)

Green Finger

LawnSite Senior Member
I don't like mowing yards with dog crap in it.
Then you track it in the truck. Then go inside the gas station smelling like dog crap.

PU it stinks.

Do you guys charge extra for dog crap?


LawnSite Member
Muskogee OK
If an animal does charge, what do you use: water, boot or MACE? I ask 'cause owners are very particular about their animals. I say this since I am an animal lover (only if it's cold) and if someone kicks my dog, they will have to answer to me and my size 12 up their butt. If he did, in fact, charge them I could understand their reaction and I'm behind them 100% for doing so (he's 93 lbs), but he's a retriever and will slobber them to death if anything... I guess what I'm getting @ is (a) have you lost any customers to kicking their attacking/snooping animal and (b) to appear socially responsible, do you use water or MACE? I guess in some locales, if someone saw you kicking a dog, you could get in trouble just by their calling the cops, SPCA, etc... my .02!


LawnSite Senior Member
South Bend, IN
I've been attacked by geese before. When they are in the mating season the big dominant male will go to great lengths to protect his mate. If I am alone without equipment I just run. Usually they will run if I have my trimmer or mower.


LawnSite Senior Member
We did a job at a big estate last year with invisible fence for the dogs, all day they were fine and wouldn't get near us. When my guy went to close the gate as we were leaving the dog rushed him from behind, i guess the wire was buried about 5 ft before the fence cause that dog did a nice howl and backflip!