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Hey, I wondered if that would get your attention! I made a post about Additional expenses but hardly anyone responded. I have been trying to make my expense sheet to estimate how much I'll need to pay off at the end of this year. I have down the big stuff ex:mower, trimmer, blower <br>By the way I am just starting out. I am trying to figure what kind of little expenses their are. Can you please list a few that you can think of?? What the expense is and how much please. Some examples of what I am looking for are: air filters, gas, oil(2cycle and 4cycle) Thanks for your help!<p>Grassboy


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Here is a good way to see what your expenses will be (and no I'm not kidding). Go to your local Home Depot and look at the best shovels, pitchforks, wheelbarrows, etc. Then go to local power equip. dealer and look at all of the equipment you WANT. Because in 2 years you will have it all. Now take your projected fuel spendings and add 50% to that. I own my business and have zero employess and in my first year I spent just over $20,000. This past year was my second and I spent over $18,000. If I don't spend that much then I can't be competitive with the bigger companies. So I have the best equipment so I don't have to hire someone who will do poor work and doesn't have the interest in the business that I obviously have. Running a legitimate business is expensive. Thats why you see so many commercial mowers in the classifieds in the local newspaper. Good Luck but be forewarned everyone who has been in business for a while knows several guys who have gone under because this business is no walk in the park.


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get nilsson's books (again)<br><p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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Grassboy, Try to cut expenses by buying cheaper filters. I own a john deere but I don't use john deere filters. Find the fram cross reference for all the filters on your machines and go to Wal-mart and save 50% over the dealer. If blade corners get rounded, don't be afraid to build them up with a welder then shape it back up with a grinder. Try thicker weed wacker string will last longer. By oil, whether engine or 2-cycle, in larger containers. Pack a lunch instead of buying. You can save money alot of ways. <br>Multiply your monthly business expenses by 8. That will get you close to your annual expense.<br>


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the lunch thing is a real expense saver. When I worked as a foreman, I made sure my crew packed a lunch. So much money is wasted on food. The average deli runs around 6 plus dollars for a sandwich and drink. Average that over a week and it gets expensive. Not only that, a lot of jobs are in remote places, and to send someone out to buy food can take a hour sometimes. A definite way to save money as a company or to save money personally

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