who makes 6 figures? walk before you run

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Actually I already purchased the flyers and they came at an amazing deal. PAYING these guys won't be a problem because they accept to be paid right after each sale. I already have the people who agree to the terms as listed, and I already have the flyers. (I'm not just talking the talk here jack, I'm walking it too.)

    A business degree? Oh wow! One of the most useless degrees (just being truthful) in university. Business can't be learned in some textbook or through the (terrible) public education system. It's a science and art in itself. I study and actually talk to multimillionaires (I **** you not.). I read the right books (No.. not Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If anything, that book is bloody terrible for trying to be successful), I network with the right people, and I think outside the box.

    Sorry but even if you had an MBA from Harvard, it just wouldn't impress me. Why? Because thats book smarts.
  2. SydneyLawnCare

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    Quit after one day of working? Seriously, all it seems is no matter how many times I prove you wrong with actual FACTS and stuff that i have actually DONE (not just talked about), you have a new bullshit excuse to come up with. First he says: "THEY DONT WORK FOR U FOR THAT PRICE" "U DONT HAVE THE CAPITAL "NO ONE IS GONNA WORK ON COMMISSION".

    However, I prove him wrong by doing the opposite of all the things he said I couldn't do. Now the new excuse is "THERE GONNA QUIT THE 1ST DAY MAN!"
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    Your scam will not work. If you can get people to pay up front for a 17 year old with no business experience. The money is promised back(if they want it)yet you already promised to pay 100-200 commision for each account, have no equipment to actually do the work, no employees and still need money to hire subcontractors. You see this whole plan crumbles and people will be owed money that you will not have. This middleman millionaire scam fails all the time. And your actually stupid enough to ask for money up front and promise it back!!
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  4. SydneyLawnCare

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    Middleman Millionaire? Probably some stupid scam that you fell for. Sorry i read real books.
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    everyone stop responding to sydney and he will go away. this guys annoying and ruining all threads he posts in. last response from me
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    Im annoying cause Im proving you wrong lol.

    Don't worry guys, I'll post my revenue streams when Im finished with this marketing campaign. Then we can compare.
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    You made fun because I spelled flyers wrong. So I let you know I'm not some dupe like yourself.

    You are the one without business experience. I've been here 4 years. Many on this site have been here 8-10 times that long.

    What you are ignorantly assuming is that one such as myself cannot have BOTH book smarts and functionality smarts. I was running my business (fully legit LLC) congruently with school. And it's not useless. I've had several decent 39k+ right out of school job offers. (business is projecting to do 49k this year, net profit.)

    There were many times I felt I knew more than my teachers. But I'm not arrogant as you are.

    Just because you have people agree to getting paid commission for flyers in writing, doesn't mean they are forced to stick aroun like slave labor. If you live in a town so poor that people will do that, then good luck with your rediculously high revenue projections.

    We've all read the books, clown. We just aren't all stupid enough to fall for it. You fell for it, and your pathetic father likely did as well.

    You are the DUPE that author wanted.
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    Sydney, When you come back here in a couple months with hard facts about what your campaign has accomplished you will be taken alot more seriously. I appreciate your ambitious attitude. I hope it is successful for you.

    I will be surprised if we ever hear from you again after this spring. Prove me wrong.
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    This started out as a great thread. I have been over a million in sales. I posted in the other thread that 6 figure profit was a much better goal than 7 figure sales. I was excited about the interest in walking before you run, and was really looking forward to reading your posts.

    I hope someone will start a new thread, or that we can ignore debating the merits of someone's aggressive marketing campaign.

    There is a lot of wisdom on this site. If you own a small business and are in need of an answer, there are many people here that will help you. You can save your self a lot of headaches by learning from the successes and failures of people who have been where you are.
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    Dllawson is right. These were good threads
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