Who makes a dump flatbed with different size sides?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mrusk, Nov 18, 2004.

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    Over the last few weeks i have thought of every single truck setup i could go with. I have been reading alot on here on how many perfer flatbeds. I am going to use this truck for mowing, landscaping, hardscapes.... everything. Its a do everything truck. I want to be able to run it with no sides, 12in sides, and then 3-4ft sides for mulch, rock, dirt, etc. I want the sides to look nice. I do not want the sides to look like it was made in my garage. If you guys could give me some links to some companies that make a flatbed like this i'd appreicate.

    The bed will be going on a f350 or 450 cab and chasis.

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    The best bet is build your own or have a good welding shop build you a flatdeck to your specs. With a dumping flatdeck you want it to be strong so none of that stamped steel tin crap that mass produced decks are made out of.

    You want to start with 5 or 6" channel mainsills then 3" channel crossmembers with a 3x6 angle iron perimiter. For the sides you build stake pockets in the deck so you can put sides on it. I use 2x10 treated for my low sides boards which is usually what is on the truck 99% of the time. I have some extensions I can make the sideboards another 10" taller to give me 20"s that is as high as I go. My truck deck is 12x8 it doesn't dump I wish it did so anything I haul has to be unloaded by hand.

    I do haul gravel (unloaded by goonspoon) with 10" sideboards I can haul enough to max the capacity on my 89 F-450.

    I'am currently looking for a newer truck upto 92-97 it will be a F-450 I thought about a F-350 so I can have 4wheeldrive but I really don't think I can suffer with bad brakes again. A F-350 upto a 97 has disk drum brake system the brakes are designed to stop a 8800lb gvw truck not a 12,000lb gvw truck. Manfacturers gross for a F-350 in the 92-97 range is 11,000lbs I used to register my F-350s for 12,000lbs you start grossing them past 12,000lbs they have a h*ll of a time stopping.

    Myself I would really like to have 4wheeldrive but I can't justifying spending big dollars on a 99 or newer 450 4x4 and I think I would be pushing my luck too much with a 97 and older F-350 4x4.

    If you do plan on hauling gravel etc go with a F-450 a F-350 with a dumping deck on it will only be good for 3000lbs worth of payload so roughly a yard and a bit of gravel.

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